OpenLMIS Mission and Vision

The OpenLMIS Mission and Vision

The mission of OpenLMIS is to collaboratively develop shared, open source software to improve health commodity distribution in low and middle income countries.

The vision of OpenLMIS is a world where all countries have the logistics data they need to effectively manage their supply chain in order to save lives.

OpenLMIS Principles

 OpenLMIS Principles 

  • Open Source OpenLMIS is offered under an open source license, which means that everyone has the right to use and modify the software without paying a license fee. Changes and additions are made available to the community under the terms of the license via our code contribution process.

  • Appropriate – OpenLMIS is designed with a focus on users in low resource and capacity environments.  Representatives from these environments are welcomed and valued members of the community and their insights help shape the software.

  • Configurable  OpenLMIS flexibly supports the varied needs of low-resource health supply chains. OpenLMIS strives to be designed so that countries can configure and use the software with minimal training and technical capacity.

  • Interoperable – OpenLMIS strives to be interoperable with other systems in a larger health information ecosystem.

  • Collaborative – OpenLMIS users benefit from the diversity of perspectives and resources that community members bring to the table, which results in a more flexible and powerful system than what any one organization could create. The community acknowledges that successful country implementation requires close collaboration among partners and stakeholders to ensure success.

  • Supportive – The community acts as stewards for the implementation, configuration, training on, operation, and sustainment of OpenLMIS. The community strives to be knowledge experts on the problems that OpenLMIS attempts to solve.

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