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Countries impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic have seen their health systems overwhelmed by the number of patients requiring care and ensuring adequate availability of supplies like personal protective equipment (PPE), diagnostic equipment like test kits and clinical care equipment like oxygen therapy, ventilators etc. As LMICs in Africa, Asia and Mesoamerica prepare to respond to a similar surge in patient load, they will need to quickly mobilize capacity to effectively manage their supply chains to deliver an uninterrupted supply of commodities. An electronic tool can help with real-time management of these supplies.


The Clinton Health Access Initiative ( (CHAI), VillageReach ( and SolDevelo ( are working together to create a standalone, rapidly deployable, cloud-based, free-to-use order, stock management and visibility system using OpenLMIS ( to achieve end to end visibility and management of COVID-19 commodities. 

This system is not intended to replace any existing functional electronic logistics information management systems (eLMIS) that countries might be using. Instead, it is offered as a standalone tool specifically for COVID so that countries do not need to mobilise resources to adapt their existing eLMIS to COVID or make changes that may cause disruption or break their routine supply chain tools.

OpenLMIS, a designated Global Good, is an open source, free to use eLMIS that has been deployed at over 11,000 facilities across eight countries in Africa. The global core team (CHAI’s Global Information Systems Team, VillageReach and SolDevelo) has configured OpenLMIS to create a lightweight COVID-specific health facility stock management and requisitioning tool that requires minimal training and in-country infrastructure and can be rapidly deployed. With the support of CHAI’s country teams, we provide web-based trainings to system administrators, master users and other key personnel and adopt the train-the-trainer approach to achieve quick implementation at scale.



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