SuperSet upgrade 2.0.0 - incorporating the Tanzania work

Note: This manual is based on a notes gathered on a meeting and may be changed while working on an upgrade.

The work needs to be conducted in openlmis-ref-distro, inside reporting folder:

  1. These are the Superset 2.0.0 requirements we need to fulfill:
    We need to adjust our requirements.txt file so it has the same package versions as base.txt:

  2. Change SUPERSET_VERSION to 2.0.0 here:

  3. Inside Dockerfile, update versions being installed by pip package manager, so they are compatible with base.txt. Change also SUPERSET_VERSION to 2.0.0 at the top.

  4. Inside app-customizations create a separate 2.0.0 folder:

Create two folders inside:

  • /views

  • /superset-frontend

In views directory add file, it should be copy-pasted from:

In superset-frontend add, copy-paste it from folder containing previous superset version:

Then in superset-frontend create a following folder structure: src/dashboard/components/Header, add index.jsx inside.
It should be copy-pasted from:

  1. Make sure to re-add two OpenLMIS customizations, previously existing in file.

Keeping in mind possible issues with compatibility, the upgrade should take one week as an upper limit.

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