Version 3 Demo Build Instructions

The Demo Server

The OpenLMIS Version 3 Demo is available at:

This is the latest stable version of OpenLMIS. The demo runs on an AWS instance and uses RDS for its database.


In order to rebuild the demo go to the OpenLMIS Jenkins server at: and log in as an administrator.

First select the OpenLMIS-deploy-to-v3-demo job:

Next, select the Build with Parameters option on the left:

You will be asked whether the data should be kept or wiped. Choosing wipe will result in all data being purged and the server starting fresh with only demo data. Choosing keep will result in the old data being preserved.

Keep an eye on the job you started. Once it completes with a green ball next to it, the demo should be available shortly (note: it may take up to a few minutes for all the services to reboot on the demo server after the job completes). If the ball is red, it means errors occurred and further administrative action might be required.

Upgrading the version

In order for the version being used on the demo server to be upgraded, the docker-compose.yml file in the deployment/demo_env directory of the openlmis-deployment repository must be updated to the latest distribution. Direct link to the compose file:

After changing the compose file, rebuild the demo as detailed above - it will be upgraded to the latest version.

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