Database backup - on demand



  1. Log in to AWS and open proper db via RDS > Databases

  2. Open Maintenance & backups > Snapshots > Take snapshot

  • Backups can be found in

    • RDS > Snapshots > Manual

    • RDS > Databases > “<RDS ID>“ > Maintenance & backups > Snapshots


  1. Log in to cloud ranger and select proper account via top bar

  2. Open Resources > RDS section on left sidebar

  3. Select checkbox of RDS instance you want backup

  4. Click Options button above the table and click Take snapshot

Fig. 1
  • Backup might take some time (~15min for 70GB database)

  • Progress of backup is visible in both AWS and CloudRanger

  • Backups are stored in AWS and

    • have tag Created by application=CloudRanger

    • are marked as manual


  1. Using DBeaver connect with database

  2. In ‘Database Navigator’ select your database and click it with right mouse

  3. Choose Edit Connection and make sure that in ‘Main’ tab you have ‘Local Client’ selected (if not download postgres to your computer and add it)

  4. In you database go to ‘Databases’, select one and click it with right mouse

  5. Select ‘Tools > Backup’ option

  6. The window with selecting schemas and tables will pop up, select all which you are interested in and click ‘Start’ button



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