OpenLMIS Reporting Demo


I will now log into OpenLMIS as the district immunization vaccine officer.

Log into OpenLMIS as divo1 with password 'Password1'

I navigate to the View Reports page and can now see the reports that are available for me as the divo1 user

Navigate to Reports → View Reports

I navigate to the Reporting Rate and Timeliness report and can see how each report is actually a report dashboard that is composed of a number of charts. Charts can display data as tables, maps, or a wide variety of graphs.

Navigate to the Reporting Rate and Timeliness report dashboard. If this is the first time that you have navigated to a Superset report you will need to log into the report dashboard using the same credentials that you used to log into OpenLMIS (divo1:Password1), click on the authorization link and enable both privileges, and then refresh the OpenLMIS report page.

(If the demo-v3 reporting links are not working you can access a demo instance of superset with preloaded data at Contact Wes Brown or Craig Appl credentials)

Highlight how each report dashboard has a filter section in the upper-left of the dashboard. This filter allows users to limit the dataset for all of the dashboard charts.
I navigate to the Stock Status report dashboard to show examples of other types of charts.Navigate back to the View Reports page and then navigate to the Stock Status report dashboard.

I navigate to the Stockouts report dashboard to show an example of a map chart.Navigate back to the View Reports page and then navigate to the Stockouts report dashboard.
I navigate to the chart configuration page to show how the charts can be designed.Click on the configuration link in the upper-right of the chart (the three verticle dots) and then navigate to the Explore chart link. A new tab will open which allows for the editing of the chart configuration. Click on the Visualization Type, which should be set to Country Map. A list of the available types of visualizations should appear.