2015-10-15/16 Meeting notes


  D.C. & Seattle

16 Oct 2015 Beijing

8 am CST 2015-10-16

8 pm EDT

5 pm PDT



  • Kick-off Technical Committee
  • Review Q4 2015 action items
  • Choose tasks for next 2 weeks

Discussion items

  • Greetings
  • Agenda review
  • Current status
  • Pain points we want to address and what we can
10mIssue tracking preferencesJosh
  • GitHub v. JIRA?
  • Global v. implementations
?CI server?
  • Jenkins?
  • Server recommendations (AWS instance)?  Any experience with creating provisioned worker instances on demand?
  • Configuration?
?Sonar server?
  • Plugin settings included in VIMS
  • Server
  • Configuration
?Code standards?
  • Standards guide draft?
  • Contributing draft?
  • Automated: Checkstyle, SonarWay, etc?
?Master Upstream branch 
  • Any new news on outstanding branches:  BMGF Accessibility (v1.0), barcodes, SELV, ?
5mProposed agenda items for week of Oct 26th  

Meeting notes

Compared merits of git vs. JIRA for issue tracking.  Git has the advantages of relative simplicity in both use and management.  JIRA is far more feature-rich, but likely requires additional management.  Settled on using JIRA for the time being.

Josh has created an initial Sonar configuration - Jeff will review and try it out.  VR will create an AWS host for a CI and Sonar server.  We can open access to the tech group for shared setup and administration.  No decisions made on timelines.

Action items

OpenLMIS: the global initiative for powerful LMIS software