Product Committee Open Questions

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What is the best way to incorporate country input? Need a channel for feedback on current implementations. Need a way to ensure that their message is reaching the community in a way that reveals trends without putting country-specific blinders on the community.   
How do we incorporate end user feedback into product design (not implementation!) prior to doing an implementation? How do we incorporate country input into the roadmap?   
What documentation does the community want (around the product, roadmap, etc.)?   
What documentation should come out of an implementation?   
Is the emphasis of the community on customization or configurability? Said another way, flexibility through code or limiting flexibility but with an easy to use UI?   
These were the features / attributes that didn’t fit cleanly into the  “in” or “not in” domain space of OpenLMIS. Which of the following are part of the OpenLMIS Domain space?

• Realms beyond health (i.e. some interest from humanitarian space)
• Being the master product list
• Mobile support
• Offline support
• usable offline - many countries need offline capability, especially where mobile challenges exist (screen size for forms, data not feasible in some places)- interface issues may be country specific
• OpenLMIS = SaaS?
• Annual Forecasting
• Facility stock management, or clients without online capability - does the mobile/offline become part of OpenLMIS?
• Offline capability is a need (this is feedback we are hearing)
• In current state - its not possible to make whole OpenLMIS offline - but certain portions i.e. the requisition process could be made offline
Which features / processes need to work with intermittent offline access?   
How do we add things to the roadmap? How are they prioritized against the existing items?   
How large is the roadmap / backlog? (Community support of implementation hinges on whether a feature is on the backlog, so how do we decide if a feature is high enough to be included?)   
What are the “standard” best-practice LMIS reports OpenLMIS should include out of the box?   
What ERPs are out there? Which should we integrate with?   
Do we call (not which is it) OpenLMIS a product or a platform or something else? All committees have this question   
What are the 5 things that make you glow about this product? Everyone should make this list and then we consolidate for the community. Different use cases, value proposition. Can be leveraged for messaging.   
In the future, how do we establish one person as the product manager? (similar question for the technical architect or any role that needs day-to-day and long term involvement in the community. How does the committee oversee this role?   
Beyond the buckets of “in core” and “not supported”, is there a “supported but not core” bucket?   
How does the community support existing implementations? Does the community seek funding to help them migrate to newer releases of OpenLMIS?   
How long will the re-architecture would take and how much will it cost?

Depends on scope identified by prod / tech committee
Is it possible to set-up linked issues between different Jira's? How can we compare the backlog of OpenLMIS against those of various on-going implementations?  

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