OpenLMIS Global Team Services

The OpenLMIS Global Team is available to support the following activities:

  • Assessing the current state of your LMIS
  • Conducting a LMIS requirements workshop 
  • Conducting an OpenLMIS Implementation planning workshop
  • Evaluating OpenLMIS versus your requirements
  • Attending LMIS steering group meetings in-country
  • Providing virtual or in-person demonstrations of OpenLMIS
  • Setting up a demonstration instance of OpenLMIS tailored to your country/project
  • Supporting a small-scale pilot of OpenLMIS 
  • Supporting information exchange visits with other countries already using OpenLMIS
  • Identifying and connecting you with funders that may be willing to support your project
  • Preparing materials to support the LMIS selection process

Please contact OpenLMIS Community Manager Tenly Snow (Deactivated) ( or info@openlmis for more information on OpenLMIS Global Team support 

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