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MalawiMalawiVR and PSMBatch view to approve requisitions, bulk upload reference data, extensions specific to country implementation.OpenLMIS v3GitHubRequisitionsMarch 2017
/wiki/spaces/MW/overviewContributions back to the core is ongoing
Vaccine ModuleGlobalVRMinimum set of features to manage the vaccine supply chain at a sub-national level.OpenLMIS v3GitHub
2017Nov 2017Part of version 3 core, features defined in the wiki under Vaccine MVP

Add vaccine routine data collection,

cold chain inventory, and stock management to

eLMIS Tanzania

OpenLMIS v2 (eLMIS)Bitbucket 3/201511/2015

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eLMIS EnhancementsTanzania/ZambiaJSIDHIS2 Integration. What else?OpenLMIS v2 (eLMIS)Bitbucket ongoing?  
Enhanced Budgets FeatureCote D'IvoreJSI ?      
Bar Code LibraryGlobalPATH OpenLMIS v2 (eLMIS)      
Informed Push Feature Release




NexLeaf RTM ColdTrace Integration


OpenLMIS v1




ESMS Tablet Project

MozambiqueCHAI / ThoughtWorks

Android app for electronic stock cards and requisitions for HIV and Essential Meds. Includes new Reports and Dashboards on the web interface.

Note this is a separate instance from the SELV deployment in Mozambique


OpenLMIS v2 (eLMIS)

GitHUB 2.0-moz branch

LMIS Moz mobile github

 MOZ OpenLMIS customizations Github

Stock management back-end functionality from VIMS7/2015 


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