Configuration Guide

This document is a living document and continues to be updated as development continues. Please reach out if you have questions.

Configuration Guide OpenLMIS Version 3 Overview

What's in version 3?

  • Supports requisition based replenishment programs
  • Support the GS1 standard for medical commodities classification (see Medical Commodities: OpenLMIS Model for GS1 for details)
  • Customization of requisition form fields, labels, and certain source data elements on a per-program basis
  • Improvement of data quality through use of data entry validation
  • Supports online and offline capabilities for requisitioning process data entry
  • Customizable levels in the supply chain hierarchy, including level-skipping approvals
  • Customizable replenishment schedules (e.g., weekly, monthly, quarterly, periods of uneven duration)
  • Configurable work-flow, such that requisitions can go through one or multiple approvals and approval ownership of multiple facilities (supervised facilities)
  • Supports commenting on requisitions during the data entry and approval process
  • Configurable skipping products when there isn't a need to request stock
  • Auto-saving during requisition process helps avoid losing data and supports offline capabilities

How do you use OpenLMIS?

Configuration Guide for Implementer/Administrator: I'm setting up the system or I'm managing the system

/wiki/spaces/OP/pages/112140368: I'm part of the requisition process and access the system daily to order, receive, or manage stock

Developer: I'm a software engineer who wants to set up my environment and deploy OpenLMIS.

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