November 3 2015

Attendance Information


7AM PDT - Seattle

10AM EDT - New York, DC

4PM CEST - CEST, Geneva, Copenhagen, Joburg

5PM EAT - Dar


Meeting Number: 196 307 742

Host Key: 707674

Audio Connection: +1-415-655-0001

PRE READING - Optional

OpenLMIS Pain Points

Re-Architecture Objectives

Plugin Architecture Concept Notes


Discussion around end state of OpenLMIS re-architecture. Discussion of next steps.


Additional tools needed?


  • Google group for communication
  • Skype / Webex for meetings
  • Wiki for documentation / communication
  • Cross-project coordination tools (i.e. JIRA for OpenLMIS, VIMS, CHAI/TW Moz)

What features from VIMS should be incorporated into core?


In attendance: Ashraf Islam, Kevin Cussen, Gaurav Bhattacharya, Lakshmi Balachandran

Discussed and modified the list of end state deliverables. Modified the description of certain end-state deliverables and highlighted them in yellow for committee members that were not able to join.

Reached out to Renee Orser and Brian Taliesin to apply their points or seek clarification with other committee members as needed. 






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