2017-03-07 Meeting notes




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  • Working on releases (also Blue renamed to Ref Distro)
  • Semantic versioning
    • Upgrading & Production data
    • API stability
  • How is an extension pt requested

Discussion items


Once you start me up...

  • Agenda review
  • Announcement 3.0 Ref Distro, Released
  • Announcement: Stock Management in Design workshop
 Working on ReleasesJosh

Semantic VersioningJosh


Tour v3 (ref distro, RtD, openlmis.org)

Ref Distro rename

 - yes, Blue is no longer (or will be no longer)

Releases and working on branches

  • implementations are guided towards keeping up to date

Semantic Versioning & Ref Distro

  • http://semver.org

Extension pts - how they're done

  • contribution guide should lay out:  JIRA ticket should be made, communicating to community that work is being done on an extension point (process diagram)
    • for now post on the dev forum - tell us what ext pt is being made and why
  • dev work would be off latest (master), as all contributions are, and then hopefully the implementation will upgrade that component (e.g. Requisition service from 3.0 to 3.1), or if absolutely necessary work would be done to backport the extension to the version they have in production (3.0 of Requisition)

Next mtg ideas:

  • repositories and extensions

Action items

  • Josh Zamor to add ticket for adding process of making extension point to contribution guide

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