View Stock on Hand


  • Provide the stock cards overview for end users. This overview lists out all active products but also display their current stock on hand. 


Storeroom managers need a way to see what stock they have hand and review historical movements. The initial set of features in the 3.1 focus on a basic viewing and printing capabilities. We anticipate that over time the usability of the views will continue to improve.


  • Only display the current stock on hand
  • Only active products (those have stock cards) will be displayed

User Stories

TitleUser StoryLabelImportanceNotesVideo
1[API] View current Stock on Hand by Facility/Program

Must haveAPI story
2[UI] View SOH summary (currently)

Must haveUI story



Step 1 : User click the 'View SOH Summary' from the navigation bar, then it will direct user to the default SOH summary page:

Step 2 : User select Program/Facility to view SOH summary:

Product codeProductLot numberExpiry dateLast updateSOHAction



Step 3 : User can search with keywords:


Make the noticed date as the sever processing time instead of front end created event time

Permission Management for stock management

Open Questions

Below is a list of questions to be addressed as a result of this requirements document:


Out of Scope

  • Allow end users to view any dates' stock on hand
  • Custom sort products
  • Mix different programs' products