Sept 2015 D.C. Community Meeting

Dates & Location

Sept 28-30th

Washington D.C. - JSI Offices:

14th floor (Swahili and Wolof room) 
1616 North Fort Myer Drive
Arlington, VA, 22209

For direction to meeting rooms, specially for first time attendance, please come to 16th floor reception and ask for directions 


OrgNameEmailGovernance TrackTechnical TrackStakeholder Read-OutPhysically AttendConference In
USAIDLindabeth Doby X XYes 
USAIDRamy Guiguis   XYes 
USAIDMatt Hulse  X Yes 
USAIDLungi Okoko XX Yes 
BMGFAnna Rapp X X  X
CHAIGeoffrey Weber XX Monday & Tuesday 
CHAIGaurav Bhattacharyagbhattacharya@clintonhealthaccess.orgX  


CHAILakshmi Balachandranlbalachandran@clintonhealthaccess.orgXX Yes 
VRJosh Zamor  X Yes 
VRRich X Yes 
VRKevin Cussenkevin.cussen@villagereach.orgX XYes 
VRSarah Jackson X  Yes 
 VRSandy Hawley X  XYes 
 PATHDykki Settle XYes 
JSIAshraf Islam  XX Yes 

Mattias Wiklund

 X  Yes 
JSIEdward Wilson X XOpening session (drop by in others) 
JSIWalter Proper X XOpening session (drop by in others) 

Elias Muluneh

  X Yes 
SCMSDiane Reynolds X  Yes (select sessions only) 
SCMSJean Miller X XYes 
TWKarl Brown XX Yes 
TWJeff Xiong  X Yes 
TWRenee Orser X  Yes 
TWDarius X Yes 
DevisChris Kagy X    
DevisAdam X Yes 

Remote Attendance

 Each session will have a call in number for remote attendees. Sessions will be recorded and available on the wiki after the meeting.


  • VillageReach, Thoughtworks, and CHAI will be staying at Best Western Rosslyn Iwo Jima
    1501 Arlington Blvd
    Arlington, VA 22209
    (703) 524-5000
  • We recommend these other very nearby hotels with good rates, JSI contacts and corporate rates in the "Details" section

    Hyatt Arlington

    1325 Wilson Boulevard
    Arlington, VA 22209
    Tel:  703-525-1234   

    Fax: 703-908-4790

    Special note: Contact Jaynie Smith 

    Holiday Inn Rosslyn at Key Bridge
    1900 N Fort Myer Dr
    Arlington, VA 22209
    (703) 807-2000

Community Dinner

Dinner on Tuesday, September 29th has been arranged for Il Canale at 7pm for 24 guests

Il Canale

1063 31st St NW
Washington, DC 20007


See Community Meeting - Agenda


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