2016 DockerCon 16, TR - Josh


Announcements:  https://blog.docker.com/2016/06/dockercon-2016-just-wow/

  • Mac and Windows now open beta (check this out, makes it much smoother on the mac)
  • Mac and Windows support for controlling Swarms in AWS and Azure
  • Orchestration now built in (swarm)
  • Experimental Application Bundles (might be useful for sending people demos where internet is unreliable)
  • Marketplace

Micro-service Architecture and Docker's enabling of it was a highlight of much of the conference - both in keynotes and in sessions.   http://www.theserverside.com/news/450298801/Docker-microservices-grab-the-spotlight-at-DockerCon-2016

Interesting Sessions

  • Chris Richardson gave a good presentation on Micro-service architecture, and a bit how it lined up with Docker.  He brought up the natural fit with event sourcing and pointed us to http://learnmicroservices.io/ .  This is the same stuff that's been talked a lot about in Domain Driven design and it's something we tried to adopt in v2 stock management module, and something we all could improve upon.
  • Michele Titolo gave a good, no-nonsense, presentation on "Friendly Microservices".  She stressed documentation (lots and lots), resiliency, monitoring at multiple levels (both self-reporting and inspection), designing contracts and one service doing one thing well.  This was perhaps the most relevant presentation to our immediate project needs and I found myself nodding my head quite a bit.  Monitoring is something we should certainly discuss more, and when it makes sense to add it.  TODO:  add slides
  • Andrey Sibiryov gave an interesting presentation that's not high on our priority but was really interesting - using containers and load balancing at the CPU core level as a method to help the CPU manage resource allocation inside it's own network.  Really neat concept and some pretty cool performance improvements were the results.

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