2019 May OpenLMIS ICT4D Trip Report

Date/Location: April 30-May 2nd, Kampala Uganda  

Attendees:  Rebecca Alban (Unlicensed)Wesley Brown

Background: ICT4D is a conference that brings together experts in technology, health, agriculture, and other areas of global development programming to learn about existing products, techniques, and cross-cutting lessons for the development community about applying/scaling technology in the the global development context. OpenLMIS had a table at the exhibition tent, showcasing our product on a large screen, distributing written publications, and engaging in conversation with a variety of global stakeholders throughout the 3 days of the conference. Relevant conference sessions, contacts made, and follow up actions are outlined below in this report.

Follow Up Items

  • Continue to think about food aid and agricultural supply chains as potential use cases for OpenLMIS to be used for in its 'future state' and make these connections during the sustainability conversations
  •  Rebecca Alban (Unlicensed) to follow up with contacts requesting more information–for example the MoH in Somalia and CRS in Ghana
  • Wesley Brown to have follow up conversations in Nairobi to explore product connections with ..
  • Wesley Brown and Rebecca Alban (Unlicensed) to connect with the newly formed OpenCRVS community to provide guidance, insights, and lessons learned on starting an open source community from the product and community standpoint.

Full Trip Report: The below trip report contains detailed notes, details of relevant contacts and conversations, as well as photos on specific Conference Sessions attended

*Please feel free to leave comments or suggestions in the google doc for the team to follow up on. We would love to hear from you!

Source Documenthttps://docs.google.com/document/d/1Rh_lGNUsx8dlwaHMeA7EYLpPV_lZUgcei-LRtNdcoiA/edit

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