Sept 21st 2021

Call Information

  • 08:00 PDT - Seattle
  • 13:00 EDT - New York, DC
  • 17:00 CAT - Zambia/Malawi (UTC+2)
  • 18:00 EAT - Tanzania/Kenya (UTC+3)

Last Meeting NotesAugust 17th 2021



Lead (Time)

Notes and Updates

Software Development Update

RoadmapLiving Product Roadmap 

Version 3.12: 

Team stats


Development Update:


  • Mobile App (MVP - Physical Inventory)
    • Work is ongoing, planning to complete by mid-Oct
  • One Network Integration
    • Waiting on feedback from One Network
eSwatini ImplementationAnkita

Will be creating an integration with Navision as the backing ERP.

Next Steps for Notification Changes:

  • Start a forum post to discuss the technical aspects of this feature
  • Send the new notifications to Wes (will share with the PC)
Requisition-Less OrdersDominika Bieńkowska

Design and Comments Here: /wiki/spaces/COV/pages/1802698769

Overall, this features appears to be a small LOE

This feature needed for the SELV project ASAP but we don't have the capacity on the core team during this release (end of Oct) and would likely have to wait until the next release (Dec/Jan). If the SELV team can do the work, we could issue a patch release to get this out earlier.

Features for Next ReleaseWesley Brown


  • Simplified Configuration
    • Seeding tool is still the primary entry for major configuration. This tool is finicky and the file formats are not consistent or well-documented
    • Only some metadata can be updated incrementally (eg sources and destinations must be cleared and reloaded)
      • Also support more limits on sources/destinations (to support things like different departments)
    • Full data loads are very slow (creating a new program in Malawi may take up to 4 days of processing)
    • Would be nice to be able to backup a current "configuration" and then edit it. Something like an export/import functionality
    • Local fulfillment is not properly being picked up when configured (needs a bug issue)
    • Page reports (Print) are not easy to customize


  • Technical upgrades for Tech Debt
    • Our version Angular is very out of date and is no longer supported
    • Upgrade to latest version of Postgres


  • Simplified configurations
    • Just adding a single facility can be a major pain point
    • Add UI for defining (and updating) sources/destinations
    • Page printing should be easier to customize
      • Would be nice to support downloading a template, edit it, and upload the new template (with appropriate rights)

Previous Comments:


  • Requisition-less Orders - we are reviewing the LOE right now. This is important for the Moz SELV project
  • Improvements to Batch/Lot Tracking - Being reviewed by Malawi for COVID. Better support for FEFO, facility-entered Batch/Lot, editing batches/lots
Future of the Product Committee

Dominika - Helpful to have at least once a month. Might also be helpful to have meetings to discuss specific features when needed. The forum can also be used for these discussions

Christine - Have meetings for specific topics as needed and only have a recurring meeting quarterly to discuss broader topics. Utilize other forms of communication when needed (Dercio in support of this)

Wes - Looking for feedback on the idea of weekly "Office Hours" with quarterly general meetings. This could combine both the Product and Tech committees

  • Dominika - Good but also utilize the forum more
  • Christine - Office hours would be good for scheduling, the less formal aspect does make it more difficult to publicize and get feedback on discussions


Wesley BrownChristine LenihanDercio DuvaneDominika BieńkowskaAnkita SonalFelimone Amone Junior