Office Hours - 2022-03-08 - Product Focus


Mar 8, 2022


  • @Wesley Brown

  • @Dominika Bieńkowska (Deactivated)

  • @Chris Opit (Unlicensed)

  • @Jean Miller


Discussion topics








Previous Action Items



Update on 3.13 Release

Expected Release by end of March

Main Features:

  • Requisition-less Orders

  • CCE Movements

  • Hide Zero Quantity Items on Physical Inventory

  • Lot Creation

@Wesley Brown

Revising the Contribution Guidelines

Updating the guidelines from here:

  • Dominika: The process of contributing code is good but the associated communication can be improved.

    • An issue should be created

    • Discuss during Office Hours or Discourse and decide if/how to incorporate

    • The current guidelines are not being followed, for example in the TZ upgrade process

      • (Wes: this is largely because core team members are also working on that upgrade)

      • The guidelines look good overall

  • Alfred:

    • The community needs to be responsive to government requests/requirements; we should not be a blocker

    • There might not be a one-size-fits all guideline for this

  • Chris:

    • Reviewing existing issues to ensure that related ones don’t already exist should be involved near the start as well

  • Wes:

    • Want to streamline the overall process and reduce the load on the contributing partner.



Jean: Enterprise Support should include some amount of design review from the core team

  • Wes: Yes, we will do this!

  • Jean: This needs to be more clear in the documentation

  • Alfred: The information on time dedicated to design review should be highlighted on the enterprise flyer.


Upcoming Discussion Points

Addition of Temperature to SM intake/adjustment pages

Vaccine landscape review (per Moses’s comments)

Additional Admin Screens (Dominika)

Upgrade Superset Version

Discuss How OpenLMIS can better track Lab commodities

Action items

@Wesley Brown create post about the creation and goal of the User Feedback page
@Dominika Bieńkowska (Deactivated) Document how we identify and upgrade dependencies/libraries - Who is responsible, how upgrades get prioritized, etc
@Dominika Bieńkowska (Deactivated) Discuss the LOE for upgrading Superset with SD team
@Wesley Brown to discuss clarifying Enterprise Support offering features related to design/technical review with @David Crewe-Brown
@Wesley Brown to prepare a draft of the revised Contribution Guidelines


  1. When something specific is going to be discussed, send an email to the invitees and post on Discourse




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