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1. Scope

OpenLMIS will support budget tracking for R&R. OpenLMIS will allow option to configure budget tracking for a program. When configured, budget files can be uploaded to OpenLMIS and approver of an R&R will be able to review an R&R that is costed and compared with available budget. Budget short falls can be overriden with explanations on comments section.

2. Background

Some program such as Integrated Logistics System (ILS) in Tanzania requires budget tracking. ILS program commodities are mostly funded by MoH own fund. Specific budgets are allocated for each facility for budget controlled program. Not all program requires budget tracking. That's why this feature needs to be supported in a way that a country implementation can configure budget control for some program and not for other program.

Allow configuring a program to show costed/priced R&R. Optionally allow budget control for a program, if pricing is already enabled.  

Allow budget file configuration

Upload budget file

Facility budget report

When a program is configured to have R&R priced and budget controlled, allow review of budget sufficiency

Actual Vs. Budget report

3. Stories/Features

The release/version is still under discussion.

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4. Process Flow

Insert Glify activity diagram.

5. Dependencies

If budget tracking is enabled, that program must also be configured for R&R pricing.

6. Open Questions

Below is a list of questions to be addressed 

During review process, more complex handling was requested for budget shortfall situations. For example allowing the approver to pick another funding source to meet the shortfall
To be discussed
Upload routine needs to pay attention to reporting group (group A, B, C) and schedule (monthly/qtrly) to determine the period for which the budget is being uploaded
To be discussed
Upload process should not initialize the budget table. In other words, the budget file can contain partial region/district/facility data, which may be incrementally add/updated through different file uploads
To be discussed
Having to support debit/credit for multiple R&R within a budget period, product returns, etc., can make the net budget calculation very complex. To simplify, ERP can be relied upon to keep track of debit/credits and OpenLMIS can import a fresh budget for each period where the budget amount is the net amount available as of the start date of the period, per the accounting performed at ERP level.
To be discussed
Mechanism should be there to maintain history of budgets vs actuals for past periods.
To be discussed

5. Note

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