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  • The goals of this requirements page is to document the user stories specifically related to the "Maintenance & Repair" feature. 
  • Scope: This feature should include stories on:



User Stories

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Replacement plan report

As a National logistician i should be able to get report for CCE replacement plan and CCE functionality status By Regions, Districts and Health facilities

Acceptance Criteria

1. Replacement plan report with numbers of refrigerators under that particular year of replacement so that when i click that number it directs towards that list of CCE.

2. Replacement plan for Region, District and Health facilities (regions),National Level (districts) and National Level (health facilities) respectively.

3. Pie charts which shows proportional by functionality status.



Rachel Powers (Deactivated), do we have more information on how things are scheduled for replacement?
2Input reason for failure or nonfunctional status

As a CCE technician, I want to input reason for failure of CCE so that I can keep a record of the issues a CCE device is experiencing.

Acceptance criteria:

  • there is a standard list of reasons for nonfunctional CCE that will need to be included. (to be identified via stakeholder engagement)


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Relates to reporting: EPI manager needs an annual report on reason for failure of CCE in the system for procurement planning, budget planning, etc.

3Repair parts needed report

As a CCE technician I would like to run a report of all the spare parts needed for repair of CCE in my supervised facilities so that I can source the needed parts and prepare for a repair trip.

[VIMS/VLMIS] CCE : Status and temperature reporting

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4Specify Spare part that is needed

As a CCE technician I would like to specify the name of spare part that is needed in the CCE so that I can run a report of spare parts needed for all my supervised facilities.

Acceptance Criteria:

1. On the Not-functional status. If the reason is Need spare then the user should specify by typing the name of the spare part needed

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Open Questions

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