B. Manage CCE Inventory

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Users, DIVOs etc, need the ability to add and view the CCE equipment at their facility.


  • MVP will focus on the basic features

User Stories

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1CCE Inventory Domain and Rights

OLMIS-2610 - Getting issue details... STATUS

OLMIS-2618 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Add & Delete facility CCE inventory

As a DIVO, I need to select equipment from the existing CCE catalog so that I can create a list of specific CCE at each facility.

Acceptance criteria:

  • user selects Make
  • user selects Model
  • remainder of fields appears below (see "Add specific equipment info..." story)

MVP[SELV/SIIL] CCE: Add/Delete CCE in Facility Equipment List

OLMIS-2617 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Add specific equipment info to facility CCE inventory

As a DIVO, I need to add device-specific information for each piece of CCE so that I can have a full record of each CCE at the facility

  1. The following fields can be updated:

    • Serial Number

    • Installation / Commission date
    • Unique identifier (optional) - (CCE name within facility, e.g. "Fridge 1." Can be a text field.)
    • Barcode?
    • Year of warranty expiry (if applicable)
    • Does it have associated Stabilizer (req)  - Yes / No

    • Does it have associated manual temp gauge - Yes / No
    • Status (req) - defaults to Functional

    • Facility (move the equipment to a different facility)

    • Active - Yes / No (include decommission date?) (addressed by functionality status: decommissioned)

    • Additional notes (text area)


List of fields needs to be in agreement with maintenance needs

OLMIS-2619 - Getting issue details... STATUS

4View CCE inventory list
  1. National cold chain manager can see/view a list of all CCE equipment in the country (including national store), with ability to filter or sort this list by Region and District

  2. There is not a need to track what facility equipment used to be located (only current location is needed)

  3. National logistician can move equipment to any other location in the country

  4. RIVO can see/view a list of all CCE equipment in the Region (All DVS and All HFs) including Regional Vaccine Store, with ability to filter or sort this list by District

  5. DIVO can see/view a list of all CCE equipment in their district (All Health Facilities that are in that particular district) including at the District vaccine Store



Do we need a feature where someone (EPI mgr, DIVO) can "move" (/re-register) CCE device at a different facility?

Notes moved from ticket:

* Are we OK having this as the same view for "View Functionality Status"? I don't think we need two separate pages for those things, as they display basically the same information.

* Archive vs Delete: do we want CCE list managers to be able to delete device form facility? If so, when would someone delete rather than decommission / transfer? Is there an approval process that needs to be put into place for deletions? Should the user at the facility level have final say in what devices show up in their list?

* Showing what user made the last edits is a feature in Logisitimo that I think we should incorporate. Does the system have the ability to keep log of previous changes?

* VIMS only “edit” is to change functionality status and delete. I think ours will be similar.

* Pop up to confirm “delete” / remove / archive

* Error handling dialog box for when CSV upload doesn’t fit specifications

This work is covered and implemented by

OLMIS-2896 - Getting issue details... STATUS

5Include warranty info

As a CCE technician, I want to see whether a device is under warranty so that I can take the correct steps for repair.

As a DIVO, I want to refer to which of my devices is under warranty so that I can take the appropriate steps for arranging replacement, if necessary.

Acceptance criteria:

  • It is possible to just include this information as a text field where the person entering the information can write "April 2018", etc.



8 votes

This work is covered and implemented by  OLMIS-2619 - Getting issue details... STATUS
6Include warranty contact infoAs a CCE technician, I want to see who I should call for broken CC equipment under warranty so that I can solicit the support I need for repairs.
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7Add related CCE equipment

As a DIVO, I want to make note of which related equipment (voltage stabilizer, temperature monitor) is associated with each CCE device in a facility list so that I can see the full picture of how my CCE devices are being supported.

Acceptance criteria:

  • Does not need to list specific make/models
  • Can be "voltage stabilizer yes/no"

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8Require fieldsAs an EPI Manager/system admin, I want to require certain fields that a DIVO must fill out when they are entering information about their CCE inventory so that I can ensure all of the needed information is recorded appropriately within the system.

0 votes

Discussion was tha for the time being (MVP)  this can be customized for an implementation if needed.

9Configure "edit equipment info" page

As the system administrator, I need to determine which pieces of device-specific information will be required for each CCE added at the facility level so that a detailed CCE record is created for each facility.

Acceptance criteria:

  • Pulls from a global set of fields agreed upon by stakeholders

  • The following fields could be included:

    • Serial Number (req?)

    • Year of Installation (req) - must be 4 digit year

    • Stabilizer (req)  - Yes / No

    • Status (req) - defaults to Functional

    • Facility (move the equipment to a different facility)

    • Active - Yes / No

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10Bulk additions/deletionsAs an EPI Manager, I want to bulk add/delete CCE equipment from facility inventory lists so I can easily adjust the inventories when decisions are made about starting to use or no longer using a specific make/model.

0 votes

Not a lot of discussion around this feature. Will need to engage with stakeholders to further understand. (Even user story was fleshed out from very stubby stub.)

11Sort CCE by typeAs an EPI manager, I want a query function to sort all CCE in a specific area by type so that I can see at a glance where specific make/models of CCE are located within the country.
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Insert mock ups or process for managing inventory/

View CCE Inventory:

Add new CCE:

Edit existing CCE device:

Screen Mockups:

View CCE Inventory List:

Add a new CCE device:

Add/Edit CCE info:


A. Manage CCE Catalog must first exist. 

Open Questions

Below is a list of questions to be addressed as a result of the vaccine workshop:


National logistician can move equipment to any other location in the country.

Need to figure out what scenarios that need to be supported.

2We don't have a story for "view cce inventory list." The need for an inventory report was discussed, but it seems to follow that a screen view with a query-able list of CCE devices for the DIVO to see at a glance what is working and isn't. We have a story for EPI Manager above, but I think the filterable/query-able view of devices at a CCE (along with their functionality status) needs to be addressed. This is captured in the VIMS story "Search inventory" https://openlmis.atlassian.net/wiki/pages/resumedraft.action?draftId=112585116&draftShareId=54816cd3-5685-4baf-9caa-17c897e11228

Created OLMIS-2618 - Getting issue details... STATUS

OLMIS-2616 - Getting issue details... STATUS

3Do we need to be able to move a CCE device from facility to facility without re-registering it from scratch?
4When transferring CCE from one facility to another is it one-by-one to by batch?
5Does removal of CCE items happen in batch/group or one-by-one?
6Are the CCE technicians responsible for a certain number of facilities? Do they add CCE devices to facility records? Do they need to update anything about the CCE inventory list page?
7Is there a different between "Not in use" and "Decommissioned"? If something is decommissioned, do you want to take any next steps?
8Should decommissioned CCE appear in CCE inventory list? If not, should it still be viewable somewhere?
9Is there anyone who views CCE Inventory list who should not edit Functionality Status?
10Who updates "reason for not working" and should that be required when someone selects "Fucntionality Status: Not working"? Are the reasons that we have sufficient? How often do you see reasons that aren't captured here? Anything we need to add?

Out of Scope

Out of scope for this feature OR potentially saving for future development.