D. Remote Temperature Monitoring (RTM)

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  • The goals of this requirements page is to document the user stories specifically related to the Remote Temperature Monitoring integration. 
  • Scope: This feature should include stories on:


Information on how it is implemented in SELV/SIIL : [SELV/SIIL] CCE: Temperature Alarm from RTM


  • FHIR location and device standards will be used for syncing reference data.

User Stories

List out the user stories under the activity. Put the "next up" under the Out of Scope section.

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Sync facility and device information

As an OpenLMIS administrator (Adam), I want my CCE Inventory to have a representation as FHIR Device so that other systems may inter-operate with OpenLMIS by understanding which refrigerators are installed/located at specific Locations.

As an OpenLMIS administrator, I want my Geographic Zones to have a representation as FHIR [Location|https://www.hl7.org/fhir/location.html] so that other systems may inter-operate with OpenLMIS through the OpenHIE mCSD profile.


Using FHIR location and device

OLMIS-3389 - Getting issue details... STATUS

OLMIS-3387 - Getting issue details... STATUS

OLMIS-3386 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Parse RTM alerts

As a DIVO, I want OpenLMIS to parse alerts from my RTM so that I can receive notifications within OpenLMIS on fridges that are not functioning normally.


Before this can be done, need to reach out to NexLeaf for technical guidance. API documentation, resources, etc.

3Automatically trigger "needs attention" statusAs a DIVO, I want OpenLMIS to automatically flag CCE with X number of temperature excursions within a period as "needs attention" in their functionality status so that I can see which devices are having temperature issues and keep track of maintenance needs.MVP


OLMIS-4106 - Getting issue details... STATUS

4Generate notification based on CCE functionality

As an immunization nurse, I want to get a notification when my CCE is no longer working properly so that I can move the products stored within it.

As a CCE technician, I want to get a notification when my CCE is no longer working properly so that I can address the issue and identify the next steps for issue management/repair/request for parts/replacement.

Other potential personas needing this feature:

As a DIVO, I want to know when a CCE is no longer working properly so that I can plan the upcoming order for that store accordingly

As an upstream logistician, I want to know when a CCE is no longer working properly so that I can plan the upcoming distribution schedule for that facility accordingly

Acceptance criteria:

  • formula/parameters for functional/nonfunctional will be predetermined in setup of RTM. This calculation will not need to be done within OpenLMIS.

Open Question: This notification piece does not seem to be inherently tied to OpenLMIS. Do we need to specifiy another story where the DIVO is seeing the functionality status for each CCE device update with the RTM alert?


6 votes

Device sends the alert to OpenLMIS. Alert/alarm parameters are set within third party RTM system

Necessitates RTM because it's based on real-time functionality status of device

5Generate temperature alert

As a CCE technician, I want OpenLMIS to generate alerts based on temperature outside the normal range so that I can better monitor the health and status of my cold chain system.

4 votes
6View average hours of powerI want to record info on average number of hours of power per week at a given facility so that I can understand how power availability may affect my cold chain.Next
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OUT OF SCOPE for RTM integration (to be handled specifically by RTM system):

  • Configure RTM pages
  • Configure alert settings
  • Escalate temperature report




Open Questions

Below is a list of questions to be addressed as a result of the vaccine workshop:




Out of Scope

Out of scope for this feature OR potentially saving for future development.

NexLeaf Materials & Resources

Documentation on SELV integration: 

Integration Suggestions:

Data collection & alert overview:

Team NexLeaf questions on OpenLMIS RTM user stories: