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  • The goals of this requirements page is to document the user stories specifically related to the "Available CCE Capacity" feature. 
  • Scope: This feature should include stories on:


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User Stories

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#TitleUser StoryLabelImportanceNotesJIRA Ticket
1View snapshot of CCE devices & functionality at facility (for decision making during resupply)As a DIVO I want to see during my resupply approval process what CCE devices are at a faciliy and their functional status so that I can determine whether to adjust resupply amounts based on available CCE.
Tentative, dependent on Resupply


View max available CCE storage capacity

As an intermediate level logistician, I want to see the max available storage capacity at a facility so that I can ensure I am not issuing too much stock to a facility.


  1. Functional status for each CCE
  2. Total storage capacity by model type
  3. List of specific CCE devices/models at a facility

MVP on hold

Could be combined with "View Functionality Status" view page / screen

After discussion it was decided that this feature (without the addition of real time stock data) is less useful than a glance view of what CCE is functioning at that facility.

3View CCE available storage capacity

As a RIVO I want to see the storage capacity which is available and the storage capacity required to store Regional routine vaccine so that I can plan appropriately for scheduled deliveries.

Acceptance Criteria:

  • The system should be able to compute required storage capacity( this will pull some of the parameters from Program Data .eg surviving infants) and compare with the Available storage capacity(this will sum the litres of Functional refrigerators only in that particular store)

[VIMS/VLMIS] CCE : Monitoring and Supervision

Dependencies: Needs to know how much stock is in CCE. This means that we need this info from either: physical stock count OR from resupply w/in distribution workflow. Physical inventory also needs to be linked with specific "shelf"/ CCE location


  • Functional status of each CCE device at facility
  • Total capacity of CCE models at facility (cubic cm)
  • Total stock on hand for refrigerated products at facility
  • Cubic cm of each vial of product (to determine how much space they're taking up in the CCE. Or would dose be needed instead?)


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Needs real-time stock data to work.




Open Questions

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