Sustainability Discussion


The OpenLMIS community is currently discussing its long-term sustainability plan. The following page and sub-pages outline the approach and plan for discussion.

Resonance’s work with OpenLMIS

Over the duration of 9 months, Resonance will be assisting the OpenLMIS Governance Committee in assessing prospective adjacent markets and customers in order to develop a new business model and drive alignment among the Governance Committee.

A bit about Resonance: we help our clients unlock opportunity in frontier markets by designing action-based strategies, forging strategic partnerships, and executing across sector boundaries. Since 2005, we have built over 200 partnerships and delivered solutions that enable businesses to achieve their growth objectives, NGOs to fulfill their missions, and development agencies to fight poverty.

Our work with OpenLMIS will be organized in two phases:

Phase one: Narrowing the Options

We will work with the Governance Committee to find alignment with OpenLMIS priorities and build upon a solid base of internal and external stakeholder insight. To build this alignment and then start narrowing our options for an OpenLMIS business model and plan, we will host a kickoff workshop, perform a rapid data review, do internal and external stakeholder interviews, complete a competitive and landscape analysis review of different markets and business models, and do an initial market sounding to test early findings.

Phase two: Developing the Business Plan

To develop a business model and plan, we will develop and vet draft business models using the findings from our competitive analysis and landscape review as well as from other insights from phase one. In our first round of business model development, we will refine 1-2 draft business models, receive feedback via OpenLMIS webinar sessions, and complete additional market sounding field visits. In a second round, we will hold a two-day business model workshop, refine one business model, and develop a business plan for the model. At the conclusion of our work with OpenLMIS, we will hold a final project briefing. Depending on the outcome of the business model process, we will also work with the Governance Committee to identify targets for a road show.

All of us at Resonance look forward to working with you in the coming weeks and months! We welcome any questions or comments you might have. Feel free to reach out to any of us with the contact information below.

Contact information: