Jan 14, 2020

Monthly OpenLMIS Governance Committee Call. This meeting includes members of the governance committee, as well as anyone else interested in participating. 


  • 7:00 - 8:00 AM PST - Seattle
  • 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM EST - New York, DC
  • 3:00 PM CET - Geneva, Copenhagen (4PM during daylight saving time of the year)
  • 5:00 PM EAT - Dar (6PM during daylight saving time of the year)

Call Details

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Action items for next call   

Action Items from January Governance

  • (carried over from Dec) Area we need to keep talking about: how do we keep growing our sales channels? 
  • (carried over from Dec) We need to articulate language around getting existing implementations to pay into the core: Carl suggests having 'support contracts' built into our proposals; any unused of that retainer rolls into core software support. This could be palatable for countries because they are getting something out of it. Ashraf suggests we automatically entitled to future upgrades without paying anything extra





Chat Captures

Introductions and Call opening (5 min)

  • Notes from December Governance call

December Notes

Carl Leitner 


Review agenda and objectives for this call

Opportunity Check-In Rebecca Alban (Unlicensed)

Swaziland eLMIS- RFP Approved_RFP_eLMIS CMS_eSwatini_2020.pdf

want to keep their current Central WMIS and integrate it with the new eLMIS solution

tentative interest from SolDevelo–others??

Uzbekistan vLMIS-  https://www.ungm.org/Public/Notice/100565

tentative interest expressed by SolDevelo, VillageReach–any others? (Due Jan 25)

Have dropped the requirement for a local presence 

Now that the RFP has been re-issed without this local presence requirement, I believe our community is in a much better position to respond to this RFP. We designed our vaccine functionality based on UNICEF hosting us in Copenhagen in 2017 and UNICEF is the top organization for vaccine supply chains globally, so this is a great opportunity for us.

Sustainability Webinar- late JanRebecca Alban (Unlicensed)Recap of planned webinar as part of the Global Goods webinar series; will feature OpenLMIS stewards, Resonance, and possibly Heath from DIAL OSC
New Working Group Created for partner selection/vettingRebecca Alban (Unlicensed)

Working Group approved! Thank you for your votes (8 'yes' votes, 1 org did not vote) 

We will create a small, focused Working Group to lead the charge at assessing new partners and negotiating terms.

Membership of working group based on interest. So far we have heard interest from: VillageReach, SolDevelo, BMGF, JSI, CHAI, PSM, USAID

*other partners who are interested in participating please let me know this month so we can confirm membership

Estimated LOE- 8 hours (5%)

Working Group TORRebecca Alban (Unlicensed) and Carl Leitner

Exploratory Phase

Based on agreement at the OpenLMIS Community Meeting in November 2019, these are the areas for exploration:

  1. Partnership to Handover - Working Group
    1. Explore handover partnership options to find shared value aligned with community must-haves / nice-to-haves
    2. Identify other shared value or synergy with private sector products and services
    3. Test OpenLMIS subscription opportunities with private clinics, hospitals, pharmacies
  2. Data Sharing and Value of Data - CHAI analysis contributes into this workstream
    • Explore data sharing agreements with country stakeholders
  3. Public Health - Kelly/BMGF and Lindabeth/USAID
    • Coordinate with current and new implementations to establish annual fee for maintenance/support and country implementation input into priorities
  4. Community Engagement - Digital Square and DIAL OSC
    • Shift the community engagement model; e.g. define Trusted Partner roles in future state; revisit 3 committees
    • Local/regional capacity building for support and development

For discussion:

Draft TOR of the Working Group

- The WG will provide an update to the GC at each GC meeting.

-The WG will: decide how widely and openly to search for new partners, determine how partners are scored/evaluated, participate in calls with them, work on a proposed choice of the handover partner and will eventually bring that proposed choice to the GC for a vote. 

-Brian T (OpenLMIS Director) has agreed to Chair the Working Group; so there is a steward guiding the way and moving activities forward

-How long should this process take? (aim for 4 months;  aim for this. early deliverable is a set of decison-points/ milestones for the 4 months)

Decision-making power: clarify if the working group itself will make the final decision or bring to governance for final vote?

Timelines- coordinate number 1 and 2; so the data conversation can inform the Working Group

Admin/upcoming travelRebecca Alban (Unlicensed)

Thinking ahead: it might be wise to plan for an in person meeting with whatever partner we choose; to start fostering new working relationships. Just planting the idea so folks can start thinking about it now; reserving funding as needed 

GS1 Carl LeitnerCall with folks from GS1 re: Joint Initiative Council; coordination mechanism; one of our challenges is moving SCM data into the health system context using HL7 FHIR

Conferences and Meetings

Conferences provide the community the opportunity for OpenLMIS members to speak or represent the OpenLMIS software and community in public forum.


Upcoming Conferences for 2020 (let's add them here!)

There is interest in a Digital Square maintained Calendar of Events. So we might link with that calendar in the future

  • do people think it is worth maintaining a separate, supply chain specific calendar here?

Opportunities documentation

Definitions to use shared terminology:

  • Implementation opportunity: an opportunity for an implementation or deployment of the OpenLMIS software.  Usually this is done at a national or sub-national level within a ministry of health. This can also include feature work which would be done within the implementation and contributed back to the global codebase.
  • Community opportunity: a funding opportunity to support an organization or individual to work directly on the global codebase and/or administrate the community processes. This may include funding specific features on the community roadmap.

Country implementation opportunities:

  • This Trello table is being updated on an ongoing basis; to help the core team to track and manage implementation opportunities, but also provides a detailed snapshot of the scope and status of current implementation opportunities for stakeholders.

Community Opportunities:

  • New Trello table! Similar to the above table, this tool is being used by the stewards to track our exploring of new product opportunities and partnerships

Study Tours:

  • Study Tours wiki page tracks applications received, study tours completed, and other key milestones related to OpenLMIS Study Tours


Community and Product Updates
Product Updates
Community Updates



Meeting Recording:


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