May 12, 2020 agenda

Monthly OpenLMIS Governance Committee Call. This meeting includes members of the governance committee, as well as anyone else interested in participating. 


  • 7:00 - 8:00 AM PST - Seattle
  • 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM EST - New York, DC
  • 3:00 PM CET - Geneva, Copenhagen (4PM during daylight saving time of the year)
  • 5:00 PM EAT - Dar (6PM during daylight saving time of the year)

Call Details

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Action items for next call   

Action Items from April Governance

  • Group to contribute to Call for EOI Dissemination 
  • blog post draft on TSS (done)





Chat Captures

Introductions and Call opening (5 min)

  • Notes from April Governance call

April Notes


Review agenda for this call

Community Engagement updates

Rebecca Alban (Unlicensed)

since we last met...

New LMIS Selection Guidance Features OpenLMIS (blog on our website)

Leveraging OpenLMIS in the COVID response (blog on our website)

  • All implementations received email on how to use OpenLMIS for COVID response

Transition page on website is up -with Transition FAQs

  • Coming soon: blog on OpenLMIS transition and Call for EOI to be published on our website

COVID19 Tool Discussion Gaurav Bhattacharya (Unlicensed) 

Overview of  the new tool, development status, upcoming plans, positioning/potential, Q&A- slides available here and 1-page description of the tool attached below

Gaurav: This is a stripped down version of OpenLMIS for a lightweight version; using CCE equipment module to track equipment (ventilators for examples) can be tracked; 

We initially thought better target countries would be those who already have OpenLMIS because a lot of the functionalities and familiarity would be there; longterm view is to give new abilities to countries who dont currently have anything. 

Kelly: data standards that can link all the levels of the supply chain are important; this is an opportunity to coalesce the community around a set of standards

Jean: Is it possible to use existing OpenLMIS and just add existing products to it, rather than use the OpenLMIS COVID instance?

Ashraf: The TZ team did not have to do any programming, they used the existing system to support the COVID program

Wes: We will likely end up using some of the lessons learned from this project; taking the product list ; SaaS option that is only related to COVID-related commodities for now (but there is opportunity to expand number of products later). Out thinking has evolved over time regarding

Brandon: this is helpful and exciting; time to share data about this; Who is the key target audience (the countries who don't have OpenLMIS?): Exciting to see that a lot of the target countries are countries who dont have functional eLMIS. Somewhat cautious about countries that have current OpenLMIS implementations; those teams could be better off using their existing instance. This is what is happening in TZ, Malawi, and Zambia. Can be tricky when there is existing partner relationships; could be complicated. We should review existing countries on a case by case basis

Brandon: Could this feed into global ordering mechanisms? Could we make it so that the OpenLMIS data feeds into an order (Wambo, control tower, etc.)? Is this still a future idea?

Gaurav: That was our vision in the beginning; but then had a number of discussions with the Global Fund and was taking too long; complications. This is still the vision but the main thrust for now will be to make these deployments successful and useful


Workstreams update

(15 minute presentation + Q&A)

Kim Couri

presentation and discussion on our current workstreams in the Exploratory Phase: see slide presentation

Focus on Partnership to handover workstream:

  • Revised timing of Call for EOI Release-
  • Confirm process for finalizing/approviing final draft of EOI ( including Governance committee review)

Please help disseminate Call for EOI; we will provide recommended language/social media posts

OpenHIE COVID Task Force- Supply Chain Group

Carl Leitner

We made a request to add in new data fields to supplies equipment; they were open to it. ICD folks were very supporting of what we are trying to do. Still have UNICEF and Wambo platform and WFP platforms to manage but at least there is support on the WHO side for that process

Josh: there is still a question of whether it could be a real product list; we can keep engaging to see if that is possible


Conferences and Meetings

Conferences provide the community the opportunity for OpenLMIS members to speak or represent the OpenLMIS software and community in public forum.


Upcoming (Virtual) Conferences for 2020 (let's add them here!)

There is interest in a Digital Square maintained Calendar of Events. So we might eventually link with that calendar in the future

  • Question: Will there be another Global Health Supply Chain summit this year? 

  • Symposium DHIS2 (postponed)
  • ICT4D - The Global Digital Development Conference  (moved to digital)
    • April 21-23, 2020 Training Day: April 24. Abuja, Nigeria 
    • **DIAL is doing a sustainability session along with ICTWorks- to add details here

Opportunities documentation

Definitions to use shared terminology:

  • Implementation opportunity: an opportunity for an implementation or deployment of the OpenLMIS software.  Usually this is done at a national or sub-national level within a ministry of health. This can also include feature work which would be done within the implementation and contributed back to the global codebase.
  • Community opportunity: a funding opportunity to support an organization or individual to work directly on the global codebase and/or administrate the community processes. This may include funding specific features on the community roadmap.

Country implementation opportunities:

  • This Trello table is being updated on an ongoing basis; to help the core team to track and manage implementation opportunities, but also provides a detailed snapshot of the scope and status of current implementation opportunities for stakeholders.

Community Opportunities:

  • New Trello table! Similar to the above table, this tool is being used by the stewards to track our exploring of new product opportunities and partnerships

Study Tours:

  • Study Tours wiki page tracks applications received, study tours completed, and other key milestones related to OpenLMIS Study Tours

Community and Product Updates
Product Updates
Community Updates

ATTENDANCE:  Ashraf Wesley Brown Brian Taliesin Gaurav Bhattacharya (Unlicensed) Jean Miller (PSM), Jakub SławińskiKim Couri Sachin Jagtap (Unlicensed) Lindabeth Doby Josh Zamor Jamal Sayess (PSM), Brandon Bowersox-JohnsonCarl Leitner Rebecca Alban (Unlicensed)



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