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  • Add features to stockmanagement-1.0.0-beta (ref-distro-3.1.0) that are needed for vaccines.


Vaccines May 2017 Workshop Attendees: Ryan McWhorter (UNICEF), Dorthe Konradsen (UNICEF), Teresa Ha (UNICEF), Brandon Bowersox-Johnson (VillageReach), plus some attendees who joined on day 2 or 3. 

OpenLMIS version 3.1.0 previously delivered an initial beta of stock management. See Stock Management for the detailed list of features.


  • The following View Stock user stories that were part of the MVP at the workshop have already been released in OpenLMIS 3.1.0 stock-management-1.0.0-beta:
    • View stock on hand (VS1.) 
    • View transactions for a product (VS2.)
    • Print stock on hand summary (VS3.) (PIprint.pdf)
    • Print stock card (VS4.) (stockcardprint.pdf)
  • The Reporting user stories—Report of product availability per facility and Stock ledger report—have been addressed by the printable views as well.

User Stories

Priorities came from the final MVP whiteboard at the Vaccines Workshop: /wiki/spaces/OP/pages/113054114. Most of these user stories sourced and numbered above came from pre-workshop research here: Stock Management Domain Parent Page.

TitleUser StoryImportanceNotesJIRA Tickets
1Show VVM status

Show VVM status, if it was recorded, at these key places in the system:

  • View or print physical inventory (which may have optional VVM)
  • View transactions for a product (adjustments and ad-hoc issue/receipt may have an optional VVM)
  • View or print stock card (some physical stock counts, adjustments, or ad-hoc issues/receipts may have an optional VVM)
Not needed.

(Not discussed in depth at the workshop.)

Open Question: Not clear if showing the status is valuable since it is a one point in time capture. After the fact, the VVM may change and the system won't know. Need input on this.

Decision: not needed.
2Print physical inventory results

As a DIVO, I would like to print my completed physical stock .... Needed for paper sign-off/audit trail.

Any physical inventory inside the software could be printed at any time, but the most common usage would be to print a copy right after it is submitted so there is a paper record of exactly what was submitted.


also looking to include Print for:

  • draft table of physical inv

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Interactive view of low/high stock

The break-out group proposes to combine 4 different reporting ideas:

  • Min-max stock report (show a list of products below the min or above the max, possibly color coded)
  • Stockout report (on this list of products show those that are totally stocked out, possibly color coded)
  • Stocked According to Plan (which is a KPI) should be visible on this interactive view
  • Expired/expiring soon (on this list of products, show products already expired or expiring soon by adjusting a date cut-off range)
  • Months of Stock (on this list of products, show products sorted or color-coded by how many months of stock of each product we have on hand, projecting upcoming consumption based on past average consumption)

The idea of putting these concepts into one single interactive view is to allows online users to "problem solve" and explore their data around stock levels. This would allow users to discover problem areas and find corrective actions. For further details, see this cluster on Day 1 Stock Management KPI breakout: Vaccine Workshop Notes and Whiteboards - May 2-4 2017 day1-stock-reports.jpg

In addition to the ideas above, we also combined in two other ideas: # of facilities above/below min/max (sort of the opposite of Stocked According to Plan KPI, but aggregated to just count facilities); stock out duration (the number of days the stockout has lasted). In retrospect, we may need to split out these concepts from the idea above.


Needs clarification and figure out what is achievable for MVP.

Brandon Bowersox-Johnson can we please discuss this? We would need to be more explicit about this before I'd feel comfortable putting it in the MVP

Mary Jo Kochendorfer (Deactivated) We definitely need to go through a design process next. The workshop came up with this concept, and it totally needs a design and specification process before it can be assigned to developers to build. In preparation for a design meeting, I would be glad to sketch a concept mockup if that would help.

Potentially leverage -> OLMIS-647 - Getting issue details... STATUS

4Interactive view of expiring stockAs a DIVO or IHW/ILL, I want to see commodities near expiry (can be determined by expiration date, VVM status, or CCE RTM temperature alerts) so that any excess can be made available to any other nearby facilities who need it.ImportantGot 11 votes!

5Find nearby, available stock

As a DIVO or IHW/ILL, when a facility is low on stock (below min or stocked out of a certain product), show a view to allow me to find nearby available stock of that product.

Prioritize this view with any stock that is near expiry (determined by any of the 3 ways listed above), and also show any nearby facilities that are above their max for this product.

(Ian/GAVI, India, Ethiopia offer this)


6Visualization for multi-level issues

(even without this, you can view individually on other views/reports prioritized higher)

(from VIMS)





Depends on features in Enter Stock Data and A. Dependencies & Configuration

Open Questions

Below is a list of questions to be addressed as a result of the vaccine workshop:

1Design of Interactive View (above)


Out of Scope

(see Next in User Stories above)