Stock Management Release 3.1 UAT Report

Card NumberCard ContentStatusNotesRoot CauseSolution
OLMIS-2555Dates can be set manually thus overriding the constraintsDead

Sam Im
Do you have an expected behavior for this date picker?
Should we block a user from manually input the date or should we check the input date and mark the future date as an error?
Nick Reid
For stock management service, we need the date picker to record the occurred date so we have the validation to check whether occurred date is a future date. 
However, I noticed that the date picker is used in View order page but it does not have any validation for the date check so this bug does not happen for other pages. 
Thus, we are not sure whether we should change the date picker. Could you suggest what would be a proper design for this?

There is a new ticket OLMIS-2568 to track.


Keyword Search provides entire list, not filtered by keyword

It because of that we changed the way of obtaining data once, but we did not handle the search function.Fix the search function
OLMIS-2557Add Products modal spelling is wrongFixedSpelling error and we have fixed it.Spell errorCorrect the text


Product list modal in Physical InventoryPending

This is an improvement card.

Mary Jo Kochendorfer (Deactivated) Brandon Bowersox-Johnson

Is it a high priority thing that we should include in release 3.1?

OLMIS-2559Physical Inventory error doesn't clear after correctionIn Progress
We have not added automatic validation on this pageAdd automatic validation on this page
OLMIS-2560Adjustment error message not clearFixed

In the backend, we would return the full clear error message but current design does not support front end to display the exact error message. We would change the current design and display the backend return error message. This can be tracked by OLMIS-2544

Tabbing on Physical Inventory results in error symbol being highlighted

FixedWe think that this is an enhancement card, since previous function is MVP model. We have no details to which element should be highlighted.
Make the error symbol not being highlighted when I Tabbing.

Future date may be manually typed in on adjustment

DeadDuplication issue with OLMIS-2555-Shared UI component issue
same as OLMIS-2555

Large numbers result in 500 internal server error


At that time we did not deal with the problem of overtaking, because we believe that the actual situation will not have such a large number of drugs appear in a time adjustment

We do not have the limitation for user input field so user would be able to input a big number that would exceed the maximum integer limitation can cause this 500 error.

What we will do is that as following:

Frontend: Limit bits - User can only enter the maximum number of bits of type int(2.1 billion).

Backend: After adding more than 2.1 billion, reported a error message


Products with 0 SoH don't show on Stock on Hand page

We do not distinguish between SOH's blank and zero differences in code so SOH zero would be treated as inactive stock cards and will not be displayedMake the blank and zero is different in the system.


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