SolDevelo leads in Seattle Jan. 2018


Mon 15Tues 16Wed 17Thur 18Fri 19

Product Model

FHIR and Nexleaf

Orderables update/editability

Reporting Showcase 8:00am

Product Committee 9:00am

Reporting Meeting 6:00am

Showcase 7:00am

Retrospective 11:00am-12:00pm

Sprint Q&A 8:00am

11:00am Ticket-Writing Discussion  (follow-up from Retrospective)

10:00am: Discuss how to empower Team Parrot to work more autonomously and Team Lead Structure at SD

11:30am Team ILL Sprint Planning

10:30am- Ticket-Writing workshop with Sam Im (Deactivated) for Stock-Based Requisition (just Sam, Sebastian, Nikodem)

Lunch: Blockchain Lunch-and-Learn


Vaccines Scope High-Level Overview

Stock-Based Requisitions workshop

1:00pm Review Tickets by Chongsun Ahn (Unlicensed) (Josh will review AM)

  • plus Orderables editing tickets by Josh
  • plus stock-based requisition tickets

Sprint Planning 1:30-3:00pm

Product Model Review 1:00pm Sebastian Brudziński Nikodem Graczewski (Unlicensed)

1:30pm Domain Driven Design

4:00pm Feature-Based Dependencies

1-2 GSoC++ (Josh, Brandon, Tenly)

2:00pm Testing Plan for 3.3 facilitated by Sam Im (Deactivated)

3:30-4:00pm UI Page Templates by Nick Reid (Deactivated)

4:30pm-Evening: Dinner and Board Games at VillageReach

Mon 22Tues 23Wed 24

Tenly is here! (Mon-Thurs)Craig Appl and Mary Jo are meeting from 11 - 1pmMartin from Nexleaf is in the office

11:00am (after stand-up) UI v7 pattern discussion (nuts and bolts) Nikodem Graczewski (Unlicensed) Nick Reid (Deactivated) Sebastian Brudziński Chongsun Ahn (Unlicensed)

7:00am Tech Committee

9 - 10am VR Staff meeting 


1:00-1:30 OpenLMIS Community Engagement Tenly Snow (Deactivated)

3:00pm PoD Mary Jo Kochendorfer (Deactivated)

1:00 Sprint Process discussion

2:00 UI Cache Strategy

Local Fulfillment UI:

OLMIS-3950 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Suggested Topics


Tech Design


Interested in all process topics: Sebastian Brudziński Nikodem Graczewski (Unlicensed)


Notes / Photos / Whiteboards


Vaccine MVP Overview by Mary Jo Kochendorfer (Deactivated):

Stock-Based Requisitions by Sam Im (Deactivated)


Feature Flags

The center of this whiteboard shows how Requisition has feature-based dependencies on Stock Management and Fulfillment:

Domain-Driven Design in UI


Team Parrot work autonomously

Top idea: Team Parrot writes the POD feature epics/stories/tickets and makes mockups from Mary Jo just explaining verbally.




Proof of Delivery work plan

Supporting doc about Vaccine Stock Based requisitions and what we can accomplish:


2018-01-23 Defining Total Received/Consumed Qty for Stock Based Requisitions

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