2017-09-29 Meeting notes - learning materials




Figure out:

  • when would be the best time to organize the joint session to watch mentioned materials and discuss about it

  • ideas how to organize this discussion efficiently (list of topics or questions)

  • should we invite also Malawi team?


  • SolDevelo will organise the sessions before the monthly integration meetings
  • The sessions will be about 2h long (roughly half of that time reserved for the training material itself and another half to discuss the content with the team)
  • During the discussion part we should compare the practices presented in the materials and our current practices - is there something we should change or adapt in the OpenLMIS context?
  • Make sure that everyone on the team takes part in the discussion (round-robin, incentives)
  • Write down the summary of the discussion on the Confluence page
  • Organise a joint session between the SolDevelo and VillageReach teams to discuss the materials and outcome of the discussion (potentially use a part of the technical comittee call time)
  • The first training sessions: Automated testing and REST
  • Brandon Bowersox-Johnson and Josh Zamor will work together to suggest new training materials for the next months; we want to make sure that the materials are of a high quality and useful; the topic of the material should likely correspond to the current challenges in the product; the SolDevelo team should also have a voice in the choice of the material
  • Make sure to ask the team whether they feel that the material and the discussion were useful - this will give us ability to adapt the content/materials
  • The Malawi team will be invited to join the session

Action items

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