9 Feb 2018 - OpenSRP Integration Project Check-in

This meeting was held over Skype to provide an update on activities



  • House Keeping
  • Updates
    • Developer Activities
      • Successfully Split out the Stock Management Features from the ZEIR Application
      • Next Week:
        • Working on creating a branch of ZEIR that depends on the newly split Stock Management Module
          • ZEIR Production release 1.3.3 is due by Feb 15th. This splitting will not be added to this release, but will be integrated with release 1.3.4
        • Working on Server Side Stock Management data model and syncing
    • Design Activities
      • Multiple reviews from the Ona team on the Software Design Specification
        • Next Week:
          • Craig will integrate them and update the design spec
          • Craig will create a backlog for Sprints 1 and 2
      • Added a proof of concept delivery section to the OpenSRP and OpenLMIS Integration page.
    • Project Management
      • Pre-Sprint 1 planning with the OpenSRP team
      • GitHub Issue tracking and linking discussed with team
    • Other
      • Responded to questions from Josh on Slack
  • For Review
    • Proof of Concept Section on OpenSRP and OpenLMIS Integration page. (Especially Terminology)
    • Mary Jo's meeting notes
      • Notes:

        I wanted to confirm how OpenSRP will track 'consumed/used' vials.  Consumption of a vial happens when it is opened, however in OpenSRP it is recorded at the end of the day. Is there a way to ask which vials were used in a way that ensures they are counting vials opened (even if they are still in the fridge 1/2 opened).

        Open vial wastage can be calculated based on how many vials were consumed (opened) and how many patients were vaccinated (doses). More information http://www.who.int/immunization/documents/general/WHO_IVB_14.07/en/

    • Discussion:
      • In OpenLMIS: Each store is to send stock away, fulfill an order or transfer it
      • At the facility level, 
      • Consumption: The stock reaches its goal (i.e. vaccines are given to kids)
        • Vaccines:
          • Supply chain perspective: You open the vial and it is consumed
          • Clinical Encounter: The dose is in the arm. 
          • If the nurse puts an open vial back in the fridge for another day, it is considered consumed in the supply chain perspective, but from the health perspective, it's still available for consumption
          • From the supply chain perspective, if they need to open a vial, there's a vial there to open
            • Open Vial Wastage:
              • How many vials were opened
              • In a week, N vials were opened. On the clinical encounter tracking, we know how many patients received vaccines, telling us how many doses were administered
              • There could be a difference between doses and vials.
              • Example: 
                • OPV20 - 1 Vial with 20 doses
                • 3 vials of OPV20 in stock
                • My plan says I'm going to vaccinate 30 kids today with OPV
                • Dispensary issues 2 vials to the nurse
                • At the end of the day I only saw 24 kids
                • The nurse has an open vial with 16 doses available
                • The nurse puts the vial back in the fridge - Puts a date opened in a log
                  • There's some metadata about the limit of a particular vial (See WHO publication)
                • Supply Chain Perspective: the 2 vials were consumed correctly - No wastage
                • Health Perspective: 1 vial was consumed correctly - 16 doses were wasted assuming the open vial expired
                  • This is because you could be potentially wasting thousands of doses over a long period of time.
            • Closed Vial Wastage:
              • (Lookup definition in the DISC Indicator) - The vial doesn't get opened for its intended use.
          • OpenSRP cares about available doses. Open Vials are available to give doses and we would want to know how many doses are available
          • CRAIG ACTION: Review the WHO publication and inform the messaging and data model based on this document
            • Make sure the supply side includes Closed Vial Wastage and Health side focuses on Open Vial Wastage
      • Other Activities:
        • Iterate on what we will deliver by a particular time period
        • Define mobile strategy activities with the community
        • Flesh out mobile perspectus - If we have this amount of funding, this is what we can get (by feature groups)

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