Gap Team On-boarding Checklist

This document defines a list of tasks that need to be completed as part of the team on-boarding process before we are able to create tickets in Jira.

Craig Appl (Unlicensed) and Ashraf: I've updated these tasks with Done as they were completed during the team's sprints Ona Gap sprint 2, and JSI Gap Sprint 1, EXCEPT each team member joining the dev forum. Please confirm if they have.

DoneDoneCreate Confluence and Jira accounts for each team member

DoneEnsure each team member has a slack account
DoneDoneEnsure each developer has access to the OpenLMIS GitHub Organization
DoneDoneUpdate the team on the Project Management Page
DoneDoneCreate items in Jira (Epics, Stories, Tasks)
DoneDoneAdd your first sprint items to the appropriate Backlog Page
DoneDoneSetup sprint meetings for your team in the shared calendar
DoneDoneAdd team member leave and travel events to the shared Outlook Calendar

Each team member has requested to join the Dev Forum:!forum/openlmis-dev


Review the Definition of Done

DoneDoneReview expectations Code Reviews, Goals, Workflow
DoneDoneReview OpenLMIS conventions

Other documents to review as needed: 

How do we incorporate docker related tasks in testing best practices? This is something we will have to learn as we go.

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