April 19th 2016



8AM PST - Seattle

11AM EST - New York, DC

5PM CEST - CEST, Geneva, Copenhagen, Joburg

6PM EAT - Dar

Link: https://meetings.webex.com/collabs/#/meetings/detail?uuid=M299H1X42RL8F1ABXL3LOKN9TN-3O29&rnd=750730.25263

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Host Key: 352864

Audio Connection: +1-415-655-0001


Re-cap and feedback on the Design Session20 minutesJake Watson (Deactivated)
Project roundtable & updates to roadmap30 minutesKevin Cussen (Deactivated)

Committee Effectiveness Survey

  • Retrospective-esque survey to outline happy things and pain points with the product committee
5 minutesKevin Cussen (Deactivated)

Committee Structure

  • Agenda setting
  • Scheduling
  • Expectations for participation
5 minutesKevin Cussen (Deactivated)



In attendance: Kevin Cussen, Jake Watson, Gaurav Bhattacharya, Ashraf Islam, Brian Taliesin

Design Session

Jake Watson (Deactivated): Design session was held a few weeks back. We've since been refining it furthermore. Those familiar with the current code will be familiar with what we're doing going forward. Very similar but easier to extend. We think we've got it settled in terms of flexibility and extensibility - not full monolith or microservices. Will release some spiffy diagrams in the near future.

Project Roundtable / Roadmap Update

Kevin Cussen (Deactivated): Shared the living product roadmap. Purpose is to have a continually updated document and take snapshots quarterly. Please take a look and add projects / functionality you're working on. 

Jake Watson (Deactivated): Since we're updating the guts of OpenLMIS, we'd like to support GS1 functionality. Any dissent? (No dissent)

Ashraf Islam (Unlicensed): There are other standards that are more popular than the GS1 standard. In other project implementations we've used different standards - X12.

 Brian Taliesin: The data model for GS1 is a superset of X12. Doesn't preclude using X12. 

Ashraf Islam (Unlicensed): Interfacing with systems like Epicor and MACS, they will use X12. That is the standard for electronic data interchange although my information may be old. 

Jake Watson (Deactivated): I believe there will be a new GS1 spec coming out soon. It definitely needs to be in the backlog. 

Brian Taliesin: Why is the JSI DHIS2 integration off the backlog?

Kevin Cussen (Deactivated): I believe it was too specific to the TZ use case to be contributed back, but perhaps Ashraf can provide more nuance?

Ashraf Islam (Unlicensed): University of Dar Es Salaam requires that data submissions need to have the unique id DHIS2 expects. eLMIS had to implement these unique id's in order to push data into DHIS2.

Kevin Cussen (Deactivated): This is a standard approach to any integration though. Based on talking to Mathias many months back the indicators were very specific to TZ and likely not re-usable.

Gaurav Bhattacharya (Unlicensed): Different countries are on different versions of DHIS. Configuration also varies by country. These factors will likely require tailored data interchanges to be set up and we should explore this more. 

Brian Taliesin: We should write to the standards going forward, OpenHIE etc. 

Kevin Cussen (Deactivated): Stays off roadmap for the time being. Any other activity taking place at present?

Committee Effectiveness Survey

Kevin Cussen (Deactivated): We will be sending out a survey on how the committee is working at present. Happy things and pain points.

Jake Watson (Deactivated): Additionally, we'll put a charter in place to clearly define decision making going forward. Will evolve, but it needs to be in place for the big decisions coming down the pipe.

Committee Structure

Kevin Cussen (Deactivated): Will incorporate these questions into the survey.


No other business, adjourned at 8:37AM




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