November 15 2016

Call Information

  • 6:30AM PST - Seattle
  • 9:30AM EST - New York, DC
  • 5:30PM EAT - Dar Es Salaam
  • 10:30PM GMT +8 - China

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Meeting Number192 173 465

Host Key352864

Audio Connection +1-415-655-0001 

AGENDA and NOTES in Blue:


IN PERSON meeting in Dar Es Saalam at the GHSC office.

  • Apologies for those who tried to call in. The meeting time was moved up last minute and we were not able to accommodate those calling in.

Brief update on Development
Sprint 13 Plan 

5 min


Documenting use stories/cases and community knowledge management across countries. What about new features and 3.0 prioritization? How does the PC want to be involved and participate?

  • The participants discussed approaches and considered what would work given the limited time of the PC meetings. It was a challenging conversation give the resource constraints of the participants and timeline constraints of the re-architecture initiative.
  • Rachel Powers (Deactivated) and Danni Yu (Unlicensed) rasied the suggestion of focusing in on the slices of the functionality each week. Knowing that the PC will not be able to review everything, but will be able to closely look at the priority features. The PC can focus on discussing the boundaries of OpenLMIS.
  • The group identified a need for more discussion around the vision of OpenLMIS and clear communications on what the Re-Architecture is aiming to achieve.
  • There was a lot of back and forth and confusion on why 3.x is looking at functionality that is already included within eLMIS.

The following was not discussed

  • New Features and Functionality (as compared to 2.0): Desire to create two orders from one requisition. For instance, health center A creates one requisition for Essential Meds. 1/3 of those products are fulfilled by a private supplier. 2/3 of the products are fulfilled by the Medical Store. Desire to have OpenLMIS create two orders, one for each. May even need separate approval processes.
  • When viewing stock on hand or conducting physical stock counts, a feature for storeroom managers to "favorite" and "unfavor" products (a sub set of the master product list. Users can create a 'custom' view for stock overview.
  • Archiving products at a facility level (not at the central level).
  • Logic and configuration around alerts for SoH.
  • Adjustment reasons and configuration.
  • Configurable requisition form headers.


From last meeting:

  • Ashraf to provide background and specifications for the Budget Feature in eLMIS
  • Danni Yu (Unlicensed) to upload background information on research they've completed around stock management



See the blue in the Agenda.



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