2016-01-12 Meeting Notes



4pm PST

7pm EST

8am Jan 13 2016 - Beijing

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You can find international access numbers at: https://www.fuze.com/extras/symphony

Toll Free # +18553463893

Toll Number +12014794595



  • Discuss contribution guide and other policies to getting to 2.0
  • Share updates in community

Discussion items

items in blue are meeting notes

5mCall setup  
15mContribution guideJosh

All to review contribution guide draft: https://github.com/OpenLMIS/open-lmis/blob/contribution-guide/CONTRIBUTING.md

Notes:  examples:  at data, transifex, guidelines for localization tags

25m2.0, the next implementation & toggle offJosh
  1. update on 2.0 and implementation merging - TW Moz & JSI waiting on 2.0 stabilization
  2. feature toggles:  policy to turning off & the big ax - everyone agreed that a feature that was toggled off is on the chopping block for future releases.  Such features would need to be re-developed as a module for the implementation
  3. what more can we do to guide future contributions?
    1. add some infrastructure stories for contributions
    2. JIRA Capture - where does it go to? implementations? community? developer?  is there this need?
15mRound-table and selecting tasks 



  • cubes are being used for TW Moz project,  is there work for 2.0 contribution?


  • stabilization of branches by merging 
  • removing PoC database tables - request to hold off (Elias, Ashraf & Rich) 
  • squashing all flyway into 1 migration 
  • review of features to toggle off and method to doing so


Action items

  • Everyone to review contribution guide & comment on policy
  • Josh Zamor to ensure appropriate stories are in place for automated PR infrastructure