2016-06-28 Meeting notes


4-4:50pm PDT

7-7:50pm EDT

1 June 2016 7-7:50am Beijing / CST

Uberconference:  https://www.uberconference.com/richmagnuson

IP audio, or Dialin:  1-716-293-9263, meeting PIN:  60307 


Discussion items

5 minReview AIs See last meeting: 2016-06-13 Meeting notes
10 minMeeting rotation 

Rotate meeting moderation amongst tech committee members? Moderator responsible for assembling agenda and running the call.

Update: all agreed the meeting moderator responsibility should be rotated amongst the Tech Committee members and any other volunteers. Moderator is responsible for assembling agenda and keeping the call on track.

10 minRoundtableAllProposed shifting the bi-weekly schedule by one week. Current schedule is the eve of sprint end for the OpenLMIS v3 project, and group felt it was better to hold the Tech call shortly after the sprint end, so everyone has a chance to view the recording and provide feedback, etc. Therefore the next call is July 5.

Action items

  • Josh Zamor to send Jeff note about moving invite for next tuesday
  • Elias Muluneh to create agenda and moderate next meeting

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