2016-11-08 Meeting notes

Previous meeting:  https://openlmis.atlassian.net/wiki/x/QoBoBQ


7am - 8am Seattle (UTC-8)

10am Washington D.C.

4pm Poland

11pm China


Optional dial in:
Dial in: 213-493-0531
PIN: 74762


The meeting is open to all - not just those listed below.


  • Discuss error handling guidance (usage of Exceptions)
  • Goal for 3.0 extensibility:  demonstrating one, non-contrived, example of each type of extension:  Services, Extension Points/Modules, Extended Data, UI Module

Discussion items

5mIntroduce SolDevelo contributors

Paweł Gesek et al I likely will ask you to introduce yourselves

30mDiscussion on error handling
15mDiscuss the Extension Example from last meetingElias Muluneh ?

Elias Muluneh if you could walk us through your latest comment and lead this discussion I think that'd help

10mRound Table?  Open 10m?

Action items