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When products/items are issued to Hubs from the Central Medical Store, the STV/invoice number will automatically sync to the ‘Receive’ page on HCMIS. Here, the Warehouse Manager at the Hub can see all the invoice lists that are coming to his/her hub. She/he will select the specific invoice number under which the item they want to receive is found. Then, she/he will receive the item following the steps on HCMIS.


User Stories

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2Receive product

As a Warehouse Manager at Hub level, I will go to the ‘Receive’ page on HCMIS and select the specific invoice/STV number that I want.


Step 1 - The list of items that are sent to my hub under that invoice number will be displayed.

Step 2 - Then, I will insert the actual quantity of the items that I received against the invoiced quantity.

Step 3 -  After that, I will select the warehouse and the exact location that I will store the received products in and send it to the Stock and Distribution Officer for confirmation.
HCMISMust Have

Confirm receiveAs a Stock and Distribution Officer at Hub level, I will check all the details of the items before I finalize the receipt like manufacturer, unit, expiry date, batch and store. If there is something that needs to be corrected, I will return it to the Warehouse Manager for editing. If everything is correct, I will confirm the receipt and print GRNF. HCMISMust Have




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  1. Vidya Sampath I believe everything on this page should move into the Re-Supply domain.

    The stories here are entirely about an intermediate warehouse receiving scheduled re-supply shipments.