Stock Management - Analysis Meeting 16 Jan 2017

Analysis Meeting on 16th Jan 2017


We had discussed below stories in this call.

  1. OLMIS-1629 Configure reason list,
    1.  Mary Jo Kochendorfer (Deactivated) do we need to have a flag to classify  reasons into three different categories: ad-hoc receive, ad-hoc issue and adjustment? If so, do we need another type of reason for normal receive and issue? The reason Lakshmi Balachandran wants to categories reason is based on the usability perspective. In her assumption, there will be three different pages for user to make ad-hoc receive, ad-hoc issue and adjustment movements. Thus, if user wants to make a ad-hoc receive stock movement then he can only choose a reason from the ad-hoc reason list. What is your comments on this?
      1. I think we should wait on the normal receiving and issuing process since we will need to deal with conflicts. If I send ABC stock but during receiving, the storeroom manger says ABC stock didn't arrive or was damaged. (MJ)
    2. Will there be a overlap for the reason list of those three types of reasons: ad-hoc receive, ad-hoc issue, adjustment? For example, will one reason belongs to both ad-hoc receive and adjustment?
  2. OLMIS- 1630 Assign valid reasons to a specific facility type and program combination via sql script  Nothing updated, agreed with the current ACs in the story. 
  3. OLMIS-1631 Configure valid stock movement destination/sources for program and facility type (with sql scripts)    Nothing updated, agreed with the current ACs in the story. 
  4. OLMIS-1632 Make new stock movement and create stock card if it is the first movement   
    1.  Mary Jo Kochendorfer (Deactivated) which user would be able to create stock card and stock movements? Is it only the storeroom manager of the specific facility or it also allows those storeroom managers of the specific facility's supervisor node, like the province level or district level?
    2. Do we need a specific reason for the first stock movement? For example, using the 'initial physical inventory' reason for the first stock movement, like we did in Mozambique. If not, which reason we should use for the first stock movement? 

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