2018-09-17 QA Weekly Meeting notes




  • Regression testing

Discussion items


Regression Testing

  • need to add CoreRegression label
  • Can we have regression testing in Sprint 108? We can add resources if needed (Maguette partially during the week)
  • What should we focus on for regression?
  • Plan on regression testing for sprint 109. 

Patch release testing

  • Patch release will support changes to improve log in performance from bug OLMIS-5235
  • Review patch release process:Patch Release Test Plan (v3.3.1)
    • Include splitting team members between servers (same component, different servers)
  • Add general patch release testing steps to Test Strategy

  • Preparing patch release test plan for sprint 109.

Exploratory Testing

Requisition Template validations testing based on the Config guide: Configuration Guide for Implementer/Administrator#SetupRequisition&ReportTemplatebyprogramandfacilitytype

  • Joanna Bebak (Deactivated) will work on exploratory testing in sprint 108 as there is time (this isn't a high priority for sprint 108).
  • Sam Im (Deactivated) will review requisition template test cases and compare to the configuration guide table.

Action items