2018-11-20 QA Weekly Meeting notes


Nov 20, 2018



  • @Sam Im (Deactivated)

  • @Joanna Bebak (Deactivated)

  • @Joanna Szymańska (Deactivated)


  • Review 3.5 test cycles

    • Team Ona assigned test cycle

  • 3.5 status & when to start testing

  • Updating schedule with communication

  • Updating bug triage queries and page

Discussion items










  • @Joanna Bebak (Deactivated) @Joanna Szymańska (Deactivated) Take a look at the test cycle and let me know if you have any questions or changes.

  • Since this will be the first time Faith is testing in the release process and she will be testing for Team Ona, I think she should focus on Stock management test cases. I was thinking of creating a separate test cycle for her that has all stock management test cases. Maybe one or two other testers (one of us?) could help her with that test cycle and any questions she might have. Thoughts @Joanna Bebak (Deactivated) @Joanna Szymańska (Deactivated) ? Any other suggestions?

@Sam Im (Deactivated) still needs to assign environments in the test plan.


  • 3.5 status: will we be ready to test? Are all features complete? Any Blocker or Critical bugs that we need to review and prioritize?

    • When should we start testing? Thursday or Friday?

  • 3.5 communication:

    • Update schedule in 3.5 Regression Test plan page with when we actually start, when communication has been made.

    • Maybe we can track all of our communications there?

  • Review how to update bug triage queries and page to track and report testing progress

  • Follow up on Functional testing action items

As of Monday, I don’t think Team MTG will be finished and ready to start RC testing on Thursday. Looking at Team JSI sprint they do not appear ready either. I don’t think we will be able to test until Monday - but let’s just keep moving forward as planned until after Wednesday’s showcase.

3.5 communication: I’ve posted the pre-notification to the Malawi slack channel about the release coming up. I’m presenting the overview of testing and schedule during Product committee meeting on Tuesday.

During the Wednesday showcase, after everyone has finished showcasing we need to decide if we are done with all 3.5 features, and if we will start testing on Thursday. If we decide we aren’t ready, then we need to continue working on feature tickets for each team - other team members can work on bug cleanup or other tech debt tickets. Another Go/no-go decision needs to be scheduled for Monday.

@Joanna Bebak (Deactivated) Do you have any questions about bug triage, and how to update the bug triage queries on this page? https://openlmis.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/OP/pages/481230858/3.5+QA+Release+Bug+Triage+status


@Joanna Bebak (Deactivated) Can you give an update on the functional testing action items from last week?


Action items