2018-11-15 3.5 Release Candidate Test Plan overview meeting notes




  • Reviewing the 3.5 Test Plan with all teams/resources that will participate in testing and bug triage/bug fixing

Discussion items


Overview of the test plan for the 3.5 release candidate

Sam Im (Deactivated)

The presentation of the test plan: 3.5 Regression and Release Candidate Test Plan.

Schedule of the release candidate testing process

The test cases will be organized in such a way that each of them can be picked up by any member of any team. The test cases are not dependent on one another.

Mateusz KwiatkowskiCraig Appl (Unlicensed) and Muhammad Ahmed (Unlicensed) or Elias Muluneh to be substituting for the absent TLs during the Zambia trip.
Bug triage
30 minutes daily meeting, starting on Monday, 26 November