2019-02-11 QA Weekly Meeting notes


Feb 11, 2019



  • @Sam Im (Deactivated)

  • @Joanna Bebak (Deactivated)

  • @Joanna Szymańska (Deactivated)


Testing updates

Discussion items










Process & status reporting

  • Testing status & automating reporting for each sprint

    • OpenLMIS Test stats for all teams dashboard

    • Need to add test stats to the dashboard (maybe we could get some help from Sebastian?) to show resolution vs creation of bugs for each release. Other stats?

  • Automating regression and release candidate status for future testing and releases

  • Should be used for patch releases also

  • Status of regression testing

  • Results from 3.5 Release survey

    • Overview of all new features for anyone testing (helps Malawi understand also)

    • Focusing testing on the component after a bug found in release testing has been fixed

  • Any other topics to add? @Joanna Bebak (Deactivated) @Joanna Szymańska (Deactivated)

  • No updates on bug resolution reports @Joanna Bebak (Deactivated) to reach out to Sebastian and team to research reports.

    • 2/11 update: Sebastian says these stats should be able to added to a dashboard and we can have it 3.6 release (maybe sooner)

  • Sam to schedule a 3.6 release planning meeting with Joanna and Wes (release coordinator)

    • Joannas & Sam will plan to meet next the week of the 25th (TBD) to begin updating the test plan.

  • Joanna will schedule bug triage with Team Parrot developers to identify other quick wins and review bugs listed here.

    • This was held on Thursday the 7th. All bugs that were reviewed were labeled with Triage label. Next meeting is scheduled for next Thursday 21st.

    • Some quick wins were identified.

    • Realized we needed more developers from backend and UI in this meeting.

    • Next bug triage Joannas will discuss trying to include bugs that we want to focus on getting done for 3.6 release in the next few sprints.


Meeting agreements

  • Frequency of this meeting

  • Should we include others?

  • Leading this meeting going forward


Rescheduling to 6am due to Team Parrot backlog grooming meeting.


Action items