2018-09-20 Configuration Improvements Discussion



Potential Improvements

  • Finish the UI for all configurable elements
    • Add missing pages/functionality
    • Link related content to simplify configuration
    • The UI for the various components should make it clear how the system is currently configured
      • Use a tree of some sort to visualize Requisition Groups (etc)
      • Include ability to see system as another user
  • Wizard-based approach for common scenarios:  OLMIS-5120 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Improve configuration documentation (Configuration Guide for Implementer/Administrator)
    • Maybe move away from one giant page?
      • Need to be able to generate a single page or pdf
    • Clarify and simplify
    • Additional visualizations
      • Dependencies
  • Built-in Configuration assistant: OLMIS-5124 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Visualize the references between the entities. 
    • Simple display of what has/hasn't been loaded
    • Simple configuration error checking
  • Would be nice to be able to export/import products and facilities directly from olmis
    • This would allow implementations to build the logic to do this in an automated fashion
    • This used to be a feature but wasn't rebuilt in the re-architecture
    • Christine highlighted that the error handling wasn't spectacular or helpful in understanding what is wrong with csv file (no real way to validate)
    • Christine mentioned that csv export is very helpful to support the import
  • Pick One Thing to Improve:
    • Wes: Basic UI configuration for ALL THE THINGS
    • Christine: Export of csv data for system configuration data
    • Sebastian: Editing orderables via UI
      • Currently a pain every week for Malawi

Discussion Points

What things are difficult??

  • Sebastian
    • Loading all the reference data is a challenge. Even with all the UI administration screens, you still won't be able to do it all through the UI and will use files (for example, products, facilities ALL of it!)
      • Products and Facilities are the most difficult because (at least in part) of the amount of records and the relatively frequent changes
      • So this is both an initial setup and ongoing difficulty
  • Christine
    • Challenge with Requisition Groups, difficult to grasp
      • Difficult to set up using CSV
      • Would like a wizard (some kind of UI to help visualize)
      • Use the geographic levels and zones to create those requisition groups (very common that the those levels and zones fall in line of the requisition groups
      • Validation that the setup is correct is currently very difficult
      • Not a clear understand WHY a new requisition group is needed and when it is not (even though the first approval is the same, they still needed a new group because they wanted a second approval)
    • Difficult to manage and validate user roles and role assignments
      • Current design can lead to many roles that are all basically the same with minor variations
      • Malawi currently has "hundreds" of role assignments (facility and program combination), this is difficult to maintain
    • Setting up testing/training was a lot of work
      • Cannot have multiple people logged in as the same user
        • Have to create many users and data set
      • Even if the system supported same-user login, difficulties with individual Requisitions and working over each other
      • Sam: We have similar problems in our core testing
        • Set up distinct environments to be able to test concurrently
        • Sebastian: This didn't work (sad)
          • Because of shared services (I think)
        • Have only 1 person testing each component in each environment

Action Items

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