2018-09-24 3.5 Scope Review




Mind the Gap

  • OLMIS-3385 - Getting issue details... STATUS  
    • Supporting both Use Case 1&2 - in progress and plan to complete by end of Sprint 110
  • OLMIS-4842 - Getting issue details... STATUS  
    • Not started yet
  • Non-Gap work:
    • OLMIS-5226 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • OLMIS-4251 - Getting issue details... STATUS / OLMIS-4291 - Getting issue details... STATUS  (ticket was added to Sprint 109 on 9/24 to support Malawi)


  • OLMIS-4566 - Getting issue details... STATUS  (Mostly done)
  • OLMIS-4565 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Needs to be split
      • Move each service functional tests to 
    • Finish  OLMIS-5225 - Getting issue details... STATUS (Systematic approach)
  • Work through a few more functional tests
    • Complete at least one functional test per sprint
  • OLMIS-4658 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • OLMIS-4834 - Getting issue details... STATUS


  • Create superset reports for 12 high-priority elmis reports
    • Building tables/graphs and other views as needed
  • SSO Integration
  • Devops work for reporting stack
    • Nifi - autoload sensitive values
    • Nifi - auto start
  • Would like to have some support with the olmis UI work for embedding reports
    • Engage with Nikodem for support
  • Mary Jo: Individual report rights
    • Clay: Not blocked but "should" be part of the release. Currently, this seems to be totally on the olmis-side.
    • Josh: How does OLMIS know about which reports exist? (Great question!)
      • Clay: This would be hardcoded, at least for this first version


  • Shipment file (Tickets - Not yet created)
    • Start scope planning asap
    • This is configurable in elmis, not sure of whether that is the case in olmis
    • Josh: UI doesn't currently exist, not sure if this is really required given how this does not change after the initial implementation
    • Discussion on this is needed
  • UI for import processors (metadata)
    • Need to start planning this work
  • Wrapping up Elias working on mCSD
  • Mary Jo: Could also pick up quickwin tickets while scoping work is going on

Action Items

  • Sam Im (Deactivated) Follow up with Nikodem to see if he has the time to help support Ona for embedding report work
  • Ashraf to reach out to Wes for Shipment file planning and UI import processors

MJ Notes

Performance improvements?

  • NFS product in requisitions
  • Others?

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