3.5 Release Schedule and Responsibilities




3.5 Regression and Release Candidate Test Plan

  • Do the members of the Bug Triage team know that they are on the team? (Specifically thinking of Craig and Ashraf)
    • No, they don't.
    • The question now is who should be on the team
      • JSI: Elias?
      • Ona: Antonate?
      • Parrot/MtG: The Joanna's
  • Is meeting twice a day really required? Can this be a morning meeting and an afternoon check in on Slack?
    • This appears to be what we're already doing
  • Do not use the Performance Metrics page to enter perf data, use this spreadsheet instead:


  • Sprint 113 (Nov 22nd- Dec 5th)
    • Thursday 22nd, Friday 23rd: Available team members (not on vacation) start testing
    • Friday: Maybe bug triage with people available
    • Mon 26th-Fri 30th: Testing, bug fixing, triage, etc
    • Tentatively target the release for Thursday, Dec 6th


  • Sam to take lead with testing, especially while much of the team is in Zambia
  • Wes is "Release Coordinator", will need to coordinate work once back
    • Will need to ensure that the expectations for this role are clear
  • Release Notes:
    • Who will write release notes? Should we separate them by section: Mary Jo - features, Wes - performance testing, Sam - manual testing, Sebastian - functional testing?

Action Items

  • Wesley Brown discuss options for reporting and discussing bugs during Team Lead meeting (maybe have Elias do this for JSI)
    • Make sure that it is understood that bugs MUST be reported before the triage (as they are found) so that they can be discussed during the triage
  • Wesley Brown Add to Team Lead meeting: Team leads need to add other work for teams (not new code) to do when they have no release testing or bug fixing

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