Team Mind the Gap Meeting Agreements

The purpose of this page is to document the agreed practices for Team Mind the Gap's meetings. This agreement is always a work in progress and can change each sprint.

Owners: Sam Im (Deactivated)Chongsun Ahn (Unlicensed)Nikodem Graczewski (Unlicensed)Łukasz Lewczyński (Deactivated)Joanna Szymańska (Deactivated)

General Meeting agreements

  1. Specifying roles for each team member during a meeting: timekeeper, notekeeper, etc.
  2. Timeboxing time spent on each ticket during grooming (calling rabbit hole if we spend more than 5 min on a ticket).
  3. List questions for product owner or other stakeholder to answer during grooming.
  4. Review epics/features before grooming day, in preparation for grooming.
  5. Continue questions and discussion of tickets within the ticket for tracking purposes.
  6. Grooming is a review meeting to discuss any questions about tickets and size them. If there are design discussions or other unrelated questions they should be handled outside of grooming in a separate meeting or a forum posting.
  7. Organize grooming page before grooming meeting (each team member is responsible for adding tickets)
  8. During the grooming session: keep notes of questions and new tickets on the grooming page.
  9. Timezone considerations: Agree on the earliest and latest times we want to allow for meetings to be scheduled. Please add the times in your timezone that are acceptable. We'll try and agree on guidelines here.
    1. Chongsun: No earlier than 8am PT (Pacific Time), no later than 11pm PT
    2. Nikodem: No later than 11am PT
    3. Lukasz: No later than 9am PT
    4. Sam: No earlier than 6am PT, no later than 6pm PT
    5. If these times aren't available, the team will consider meeting later Seattle/early Poland times also but need two days notice.
  10. Keep Sprint meeting cancellations to a minimum, and at least one full day in advance.
  11. Agree on the sprint goal before starting the sprint.

Ideas from retrospectives:

  • Keep our meeting agreements - timebox, agenda, leader, notekeeper
  • Meetings start on time 
  • Meeting agenda created before a meeting, and then everyone agrees and adds agenda items to it

Feature Ticket writing

Ideas from retrospectives:

  • Owner of feature to follow up on questions and tickets
  • Getting review and feedback from outside our team early and often
  • If we have spike tickets we should complete them as soon as possible because they may block other tickets
  • Be more confident about feature implementation - gather more details, ask questions and so on
  • Try to research and find tickets that require more time to implement - like split in the requisition service


Ideas from retrospectives:

  • We've improved communication in the team, but we should keep working on it. (How do we want to improve on this?)
  • More discussion outside meetings (either on Slack or JIRA) so we can utilize them more effectively 
  • Design related discussions should happen on the dev forum so other teams and developers can participate


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