SoS June 15

Scrum of Scrums meeting.

Team ILL:

  • Rich OOF week of 6/20.  Mary Jo out 6/20 through 7/1; Kevin/Chongsun/Ben next Monday/Tuesday (20th and 21st)

And Yet it Compiles

  • PMD, Jenkins, etc
  • Schedule and Period domains 

Tower of Power (!)

  • Nginx docker image just started
  • Domains for program, facility, zone

Sprint date changes

  • Shift sprint start date to Wednesdays - this relieves pressure over the end-of-week/weekend to finish up work and prepare for demos for early Monday
  • Sprint 2 will extend to Wednesday the 30th
  • SoS moves to Mondays
  • Lots of absences on VR side the week of June 20, so SoS will be cancelled.  Primary contacts will be Kevin for Product Owner, Josh for technical and Jake for everything else

Action Items

OpenLMIS: the global initiative for powerful LMIS software