2019-02-21 Meeting notes - Stock Mgmt Source&Destination Lists


Feb 21, 2019


  • @Josh Zamor

  • @Wesley Brown


  • Level set on what we want with Stock Management Sources and Destinations

  • Lay-out our options

Discussion topics










Sources, Destinations, Organizations


Work Plan Options




Stock Management Organization





  • Stock Management configuration is half-done:

    • The source and destination lists have no UI, and can’t be managed by CSV upload (ref data seed tool)

    • New nor deactivated/removed facilities are not automatically added to the source or destination list. The configuration management is wholly separate and a new concept.

    • Organizations are a new concept, with no UI, and can’t be managed by CSV upload (ref data seed tool).

  • Interoperability

    • Organizations as defined aren’t interoperable. We’d need to reconcile this new concept with one from an interoperability standard such as FHIR’s Organization or Location - likely the latter.




  • Source and destination list configuration

    1. Add ability to manage lists via Ref Data seed tool

    2. Add UI screens

    3. Rip out source and destination lists?

  • Organizations

    1. Rip out / ignore Organizations

    2. Add ability to manage via Ref Data seed tool

    3. Add UI screens

    4. Convert concept to FHIR Location for interoperability (DHIS2, GS1, etc)

    5. Redefine all stocking locations in Stock Management in terms of Locations (this also helps with being able to do sub-facility stock management).

  • Facility Management

    • Do we want to make it easier to manage source and destination lists as facilities are added / deactivated?


Work plan options (WIP)


  1. We define what we want, and slate a release for it

    1. Easiest solution to src/dest list

    2. Suss out does Angola want Orgs and what’s the lowest LOE

    3. If Orgs are needed, we might need to evaluate the more ideal solution for Locations

  2. We define what we want, negotiate what upcoming implementation can tackle, they work on it?

  3. Some mix? Other options?



Action items


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